Feb 8, 2022

Costco Shopping Secrets You'd Like to Know [2024 Version]

Find some secrets here that Costco employees don't talk about. With these secrets you will probably find answers to the questions you ask yourself when shopping at Costco. We made a list of secrets after having conversations and consultations with employees of our local Costco stores. We've made some updates to the list in 2024.

"We move the merchandise in the store often and it’s on purpose"

You have probably noticed that products are moved around in Costco stores. Costco likes to send us hunting for treasure. They also know that their customers are buying more when they pass by more shelves and look at more different products.

"We leave the bestsellers in the same place"

Costco employees pay close attention to products that sell well. They do not move these products. Bestsellers must continue to make money.

"Everything, absolutely everything, will be on sale one day"

If you think about waiting or buying things in bulk, Costco employees can tell you that one day everything would be on sale at the store. You have to be patient a little. This is valid if the product does not sell too quickly.

"We answer any questions"

Costco employees should help when a customer has a question - it's in their job descriptions. If no one is seen near the meats, knock on the door of their department and someone will be there to help you.

"We provide refunds during sales periods"

If you purchased a product from Costco and you see that this product is on sale for a period of 30 days after your purchase, Costco will refund the difference in price, in store and online. Just bring the receipt to the returns area of a Costco store.

"Roast chicken is a bargain"

Yes, Costco's famous roast chicken is a great bargain. Costco does not compromise on the quality of the chicken even if the price is already low enough!

"Look at the price tags carefully"

An asterisk on the label means that the product will not be restocked. Now is a good time to buy it. It is not known if this product will return to the store.

"You buy what you see"

Costco stores are warehouses. That means you can only buy what you see. Don't ask if we have this or that somewhere else.

"No manufacturer coupons accepted"

Costco does not accept coupons from manufacturers. Check the Costco flyer on their site or clip coupons from the booklets they send by mail.

"Costco prices represent codes"

The majority of prices end in .99 or .09. But there are prices that end in .97 or .17 which are bargains. The others end in .00 or 0.88 - these are discounts offered by the store manager. See how to read Costco prices here.

"Your friends who are not Costco members can shop too."

Yes, they can. You can bring them with you and shop with your card. Just tell the cashier it's their first visit to the store.

"Costco's prices are good"

All stores like IGA or Giant Tiger put a margin on their prices. This margin is between 30-40% of the cost of the product for the store. At Costco this margin is lower: 15%. So Costco prices are really lower because their profit on each sale is lower. Costco relies on sales volume - they want more people in their stores. And they want these people to buy more during each visit.

"Pay close attention to the Kirkland brand"

Costco's brand - Kirkland - is everywhere in the store. The prices of Kirkland products are very attractive. But since these products come from different producers, the quality is not always the same. Try several brands at Costco and decide if Kirkland is the best choice or not in the respective product category. Here's what to buy and DON'T buy from Kirkland.

"Don't grab the deals on display at the entrance"

The products on display at the store entrance are not good finds. We have to go further back to gain access to more attractive prices. The prominent products are always more expensive.

"Costco.ca  accepts all major credit cards"

Yes, Costco does not accept all credit cards. In Canada, you can only use Mastercard. But Costco.ca accepts them all, except online payment services like PayPal. If you ever want to use your Visa, shop at Costco.ca.

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