Jun 7, 2022

How to Save on Wayfair Canada: Coupons and Hacks

Need Wayfair coupons in Canada? Want to know more about the hidden offers and gems from this online retailer? Let's talk about Wayfair Canada to see how to get more savings and coupons on this site in 2022.

Wayfair Canada has established itself as a major online furniture retailer. The company that was set up in the US a couple of decades ago now has a branch in Canada via wayfair.ca. The Canadian site offers a good range of products from small appliances to large and bulky furniture. 

Wayfair Canada gives several ways for consumers to save - from daily discounts and deals. Let's talk about these, first, before going to sales and coupons.

Here are our tips for smart shopping with Wayfair Canada.

Use Wayfair.CA

We have mentioned the company has a Canadian site. It's an important point. When shopping on Wayfair, make sure you are using the Canadian site and not the .com site. Shipping in Canada is usually free for purchases of over $50. If you shop on the American site, you may need to pay the shipping fee as well as customs duties and charges.

Check the homepage deals. The carousel slides on the homepage tend to feature the most recent deals and discounts. For example, here is the announcement about the early access to the Black Friday sale.

Get a Business Account

If you or anyone in your family owns a small business, we'd encourage you and them to create a business account on Wayfair.ca. Business owners or account holders receive special pricing on select items site wide in Canada. 

In the business account you can redeem business cards, add co-workers, and so much more.

Refer Wayfair to Friends and Businesses

If you own an account with Wayfair - look around. In your account settings you can find a referral link that will allow you to earn $10 on their first purchase.

If you own a business account with Wayfair, the reward will be higher. You can get $50 when you invite a new business to shop at Wayfair Canada, provided they make a purchase of $150+.

Review Your Wayfair Purchases

By reviewing your purchases you can get Reward Dollars. You need to log into your account, click Write a Review and see if you are eligible to collect rewards dollars.

Wayfair also tends to enter reviewers in draws with various gift cards at stake.

Request a Price Quote

If you are looking for a rather luxury item, talk to Wayfair directly. They can do research and find the product you need. They have a large network of suppliers across the world. Just try!

Use Idea Boards

The Ideas boards are a powerful tool for you to get ideas and looks for room or office area for which you're shopping. Check the boards out.

As of 2021, Wayfair's site had close to 2,000 office ideas, for example. That's impressive!

The idea boards are interactive - people can leave their likes. You can then check the popular designs. You can also filter by the appartment or office area, switching from bedrooms to offices.

Search by Image

Next to the search field you will see an image icon. This is the so-called search by image function. What gives? Take the photo of the lamp or couch you like at Costco or other retailer and upload it to Wayfair's search. This will help you find the same product with Wayfair and compare the prices.

Get More Credit Card Points

Wayfair Canada accepts Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Paypal, PayBright, Apple Pay. If you have a nice cashback attached to your credit card, you can collect points by shopping at Wayfair Canada's site.

Sign up into Wayfair Emails

This is a very simple way to save with Wayfair. Sign up to receive emails. Wayfair will start sending you coupons and offers by email. Wayfair also sends inventory updates and notifications about the products you liked or saved for later.

Talk to Wayfair's Customer Service

Their customer service is quick to reply. If you are not happy with your purchase, talk to them via email or chat.

Know Wayfair's Return Policy

Wayfair will accept most items if returned within 30 days of delivery undamaged and in original packaging.

You also need to check whether your product is returnable. Some items are deemed non-returnable depending on their nature: clearance items, assembled items.


Now we're getting the coupons, sales, and offers.

Check the Daily Sales

Wayfair Canada always has a lot of products on sale. Check the sales section daily. The deals go away quickly.

Shop Closeout Deals

Check closeout deals on Wayfair.ca. Wayfair tends to always have a lot of heavily discounted items. The closeouts include discontinued, returned and overstock products. We saw discounts of 70% off and lower in this section of Wayfair.ca.

Wayfair Canada Coupons

The best way to get a Wayfair coupon - 10% off your next purchase or $10 off your next order - is to sign up to their email program. 

20% Off or up to 80% Off every day

Wayfair Canada has daily sales with furniture items discounted by 20% or, even, up to 80%. The items on sale change every single day in the Daily Sale section of the site. With some patience and daily checks, you can score a really good deal on Wayfair.ca.

How to Use a Wayfair coupon in Canada?

If you got a unique discount code from Wayfair, you can redeem it at the end of your checkout process. There will be a coupon / gift card field for that purpose.