Mail Coupons

You've probably noticed well that the majority of coupons available in Canada are printable these days. If you are a fan of main-in coupons, don't despair. Coupons by mail still exist. There are sites where you can order discounts and coupons by post, and receive them quickly in your physical mailbox.

We have made a list of sites and sources that offer coupons sent by mail. It's always great to choose between in-mail and printable coupons.

Here is the list of sites that offer discount coupons by mail in 2021:

Walmart Canada

Walmart Canada offers 2 types of coupons: printable and by mail.
The quantity of discount coupons may be limited. These coupons are for use at Walmart stores only.

This new coupon site from offers a wide range of coupons sent by mail. Currently, the site is offering more than 50 coupons by mail that are worth $100 and more.

ZebraCoupons will charge you a small fee of $2 in 2021. This fee is used to print your coupons and send them to you by mail. The fee covers these expenses. The justification for ZebraCoupons is that the cost of printing 48 coupons at your home is exactly the same ($2). You can pay this fee by PayPal or by credit card.

This Canadian site offers a smaller number of coupons than ZebraCoupon. But these coupons are very interesting. These coupons are not present on other coupon sites. Most GoCoupons coupons are printable, though. But you can find coupons in the mail too.

Save is another popular coupon site in Canada. Here you will be able to find printable coupons and discounts by mail. The site also has a section with flyers and deals. The coupons from are quite numerous, similar to ZebraCoupons.

P&G offers

P&G website also features coupons by mail from time to time. P&G coupons include well-known brands like Tide, Cascade, Always, Venus. This site still has large amounts of coupons going above $ 100 in savings.