Feb 11, 2021

15 Products to Buy at Costco Canada

Having access to wholesale stores like Costco makes us wonder what to buy at Costco and what to buy at regular supermarkets. We’ve already explained that some products are not worth buying at Costco . Still, Costco Canada offers a large range of deals nowhere else to be found. 

Let's explore the 15 best deals you can benefit from in 2022 and make some savings on while shopping at Costco. Plus, we have a bonus at the end.


Costco tends to have a lot of fresh produce. Costco’s selection of fresh produce is wide and varied. In addition, Costco sells a lot of organic produce. In the US, Costco has already surpassed Whole Foods and became the biggest organic grocer in the country.


Buying milk and other dairy products at Costco offers 25-30% of savings compared to regular supermarket prices. Butter, cream, cheese all come at lower prices. What to do if you are a small household? Freeze the butter, buy more of egg substitute and grate the cheese.


When you need to buy some wine for your personal use or for a party, don’t go to your local liquor store if you want to save some dollars. Costco is known for selling high-quality wine at prices lower than elsewhere. You should buy Kirkland wines as these are actually made by a number of renowned wineries in the US, Australia and Latin America.


Costco’s prices on meat are incomparable to the supermarket’s regular price. Yes, Costco beats supermarkets by 30-40% if not more. The quality of the meat is usually higher, too. For instance, the beef sold at Costco is graded as Choice, whereas your local Loblaw or No Frills usually offers lower-grade meats. What to do with large quantities of meat bought from Costco? Divide them and freeze for later.


If you are planning to throw a party or have some people over, go to Costco for all your pre-made fare. At Costco you can buy large-size bakery goods, ready-to-bake pizzas for the prices of much smaller supermarket alternatives. For large crowds Costco is your number one choice!


Buying dried pasta at Costco gives a number of benefits when it comes to storage. Dry pasta can be stored for up to 2 years in sealed containers. Such a long shelf life makes pasta ideal for bulk buying. This approach helps you save a lot of money since buying pasta in bulk gives between of 20-30% savings compared to regular supermarket prices.

If you have kids they probably adore pasta. To be able to cater to their changing tastes, buy several varieties of pasta to make your little ones happy.


The majority of money saving sites dissuade us from buying cereals at Costco, giving discounts and sales at supermarkets as a reason not to go to Costco. We believe that buying cereals at Costco is so much advantageous. Costco carries double-size boxes of brand cereals or offers larger boxes. In addition, Costco is known to discount cereals relatively frequently, which makes their prices even more attractive.


Do you want gift cards sold at prices under their nominal value? Costco is your destination for such buys. Costco sells gift cards at prices 15-30% lower than the face value of the cards. Whether you buy them for yourself or as a gift, you can save a lot by buying gift cards at Costco.


Eyeglasses are a serious expense in our household. Buying a frame at an independent retailer would cost between $250-300 and more. Similar frames cost 30-40% less at Costco. Usually, the total cost of eyeglasses comes to $50-75 less than at specialty stores.


You may believe that buying toothbrushes in bulk may be strange, but buying 6-10 toothbrushes instead of one can offer some interesting savings. If you buy six Oral B toothbrushes for $14.99 at Costco, while one similar toothbrush costs $3.99 at your local Shoppers Drug Mart, you save $9.

Buying toothbrushes in bulk can give another surprising saving!

Dentists say that we need to change our toothbrushes every 3 months. But a regular Canadian would wait between 5-7 months to replace their toothbrush. So, keeping a bulk supply of toothbrushes can also help you improve your dental hygiene, which means fewer visits to your dentist (aka, less dental expenses).


Costco offers a large range of multivitamins, which are sold in larger quantities, which make the cost per pill extremely lower compared to your drug store’s. Some recent comparison showed that the cost per vitamin pill at Costco can be between $0.07-0.09, whereas the same multivitamin sold at Shoppers Drug Mart would cost you $0.12-0.15 per pill.

The only caveat when it comes to buying multivitamins and supplements in bulk is that you need to use them all before they expire. So plan to buy these products in 500-pill bottles from Costco only if you plan to use them all. Usually, vitamins and supplements’ shelf life is between 4-5 years, but look at the expiration date before purchasing.


Condoms are expensive products and can become a big expense if you are actively using them. Costco offers very attractive prices for this product. The shelf life for condoms is between 4-5 years, so buying them in bulk will not be a waste.


It’s a no-brainer that filling your tank up at Costco is less expensive. Costco’s prices on gas are 5-7 cents lower than elsewhere. When you are at Costco, fill the tank up!


When you buy office supplies at Costco, you can get more in slightly more savings compared to, say, buying the same office supplies at Staples. The prices at Costco are usually lower than Walmart’s for the same supplies.


Toilet paper, paper towers or other paper products represent a very competitive market. Supermarkets and drug stores often offer huge discounts that near their prices to those of Costco. So, be smart and shop around before buying paper products. Costco does tend to discount toilet paper and paper towels. Keep an eye for their discounts too!

The problem with buying paper products in bulk is room. If you leave in a small place, it will be difficult to stock up on paper. So buy as much as you need and as much as you can store comfortably.


After some additional research and price comparison we have identified 4 more products that are good deals at Costco Canada compared to other grocery stores. Let's have a look at these products that come in handy to our 15 best buys at Costco.

Nuts and Granola Bars

Nuts from almonds to cashews are well priced at Costco. The cost per 100g is much lower at other grocery stores.

Protein Bars

Clif Builder's protein bars found at Costco are priced at around $20. If you buy the same amount of protein bars from a different grocery store in Canada, the price will be $10 higher, around $30.

Peanut Butter

Kirkland Organic peanut butter is less expensive per 100g than Walmart. Compared to other grocery stores, you cannot find such peanut butter elsewhere, unless there is a heavy discount or promotion.

Cheddar Cheese

Buying cheddar cheese from Costco promises a good amount of savings. Kirkland Signature cheddar costs much less per 100g than at your local Metro or Sobeys.


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