Oct 2, 2023

How to Use Websaver: Complete User Guide [2024]

Do you know Websaver, the well-known coupon site in Canada? If not, read our user guide that provides more details and information about this coupon and discount site. Websaver is a Canadian portal that offers interesting options for those who want to save on their groceries and beyond. We go through the main sections of Websaver.ca in this guide. This information has been updated for 2024.

In our guide we will do a short introduction to this coupon site, explain the rules for using their coupons, give some details about the types of coupons the site offers, and explain how to use your Websaver account.

Websaver is a Canadian Coupon Site

Websaver.ca is a Canadian product that was designed in Toronto and developed in Montreal. Currently, the official address of Websaver is at 4810 Jean-Talon West in Montreal, which makes it a Quebec portal. But like any other coupon site in Canada, the effort to deliver coupons to us is pan-Canadian. Sales are in Toronto and Montreal, site developers in Montreal, coupon fulfillment sits in Saint John, New Brunswick.

Websaver was founded in 2010. This site came to become a solid alternative to Save.ca, another popular coupon site in Canada. After 2-3 years of existence, Websaver became one of the leaders on the coupon scene in our country.

Websaver relies heavily on the coupon models used in the United States. Websaver started with coupons sent by mail. The user journey was very simple on the site. We had to create an account, give a valid mailing address and order the coupons available on Websaver.ca. It would usually take 2-3 days for the coupons to arrive with Canada Post.

The problem with coupons by mail is their high shipping cost. This is an additional expense for the brands that offer these coupons. Yes, the cost of each coupon includes the value of the coupon (the discount listed in the coupon) as well as the cost of printing and distribution.

Because of these high costs there was a period (in 2013-2015) when Websaver had problems with the quantity of coupons on its portal. In fact, Save.ca was in the same situation. As soon as digital coupons and printable coupons arrived, everything changed, though. Websaver is currently a site that offers many options for saving money.

Coupons - General Principles

Coupons offered on Websaver.ca are subject to a few rules that must be followed.

1. Each coupon can be ordered only once during a specific period of time. The brand, owner of the coupon, establishes this period.

2. Each coupon posted on Websaver.ca has an in-store expiration date.

3. Coupons come in limited quantities on Websaver.ca. The coupon site negotiates with each individual brand and respects the quantities granted. As soon as the quantity levels are reached, the coupon is removed from the site. Or it stays with the mention "Expired".

4. If you have printed or ordered a coupon, you can order or print another as soon as the above conditions are met.

5. Usually, each coupon can be requested only once per household for the established period.

6. You can use Websaver coupons at any grocery store or pharmacy in Canada, unless otherwise noted.

7. Coupons ordered on Websaver are free for users.

Type of Coupons from Websaver

Websaver offers 4 types of coupons. We will talk about each type of coupon in detail here.

Printable coupons

Websaver currently offers more than 20 printable coupons. You can see all the most recent coupons in the Printable Coupons section.

The idea with printable coupons is that mailing is replaced by printing on your printer. There is a small barrier to get these coupons. You must have access to a printer. Here is our advice on how to buy a printer for printable coupons.

To print these coupons, you will need to follow the following steps:

  • Register on the Websaver site or sign into your account
  • Choose your printable coupons
  • Turn your printer on
  • Print your coupons

Your printable coupon will contain the value, the coupon expiration date, the coupon code, your name. You can redeem this type of coupon like any other coupon in your grocery store or pharmacy of your choice.

Here are the most recent printable coupons from Websaver in 2024.

Digital coupons

Websaver has updated the Digital Coupons section quite recently. Digital coupons are becoming more and more popular with the growing amount of smartphones around.

You can order digital coupons from sites like Websaver and keep them in your smartphone - either as downloaded files or in coupon apps.

You can order digital coupons on your computer. On the other hand, you can use them in store only from your phone.

The advantage of digital coupons is that you can have access to several coupons:

  • Coupons by brand
  • Coupons by store

In other words, if you shop at Sobeys all the time, you will be tempted to have many coupons from the store in your area.

Websaver offers a lot of digital coupons. But for the moment the majority of digital coupons are from Save on Foods, in the Western Canada.

As digital coupons have a very promising future, keep an eye on this type of coupons on Websaver.

Hidden coupons

Websaver is also known for having lots of hidden coupons.

Why hide coupons? In fact, Websaver has no intention of hiding them. It is very often the strategy of the brands that offer these coupons.

Brands prefer to keep their coupons on individual pages. They use these pages in their marketing campaigns. Sometimes, the coupon pages can be integrated into the pages of the brands' websites.

Think about how various sites embed YouTube videos on their pages. The same is possible for coupon pages on brand websites.

Here are some hidden coupons valid in 2024.

Cashback Coupons

The Cashback section is a 2024 novelty. Similar to popular cashback apps, Websaver offers cashback when you upload receipts for eligible products. 

Saving with the cashback option includes these 3 steps:

  1. Load offers
  2. Upload your receipts
  3. Get cashback coupons and checks
Check out all the available offers here.

Your Websaver profile

To be able to use the savings offered by Websaver, you would like to have an account on this site.

To register, you are going to need to share some personal information with Websaver:

  • your valid email
  • your name
  • your address

You also need to create a password.

As for everything else, it is very standard in your account. You can change your name, address and password.

You can also register with your Facebook account. This will allow you to access your Websaver account with your active Facebook account at all times.

In addition, you can customize your preferences in your account.

VIP Websaver

Websaver appears to have closed down their VIP program. Websaver VIP was a rubric for ordering coupons by mail. 

In 2024 Websaver remains a good source of printable and digital coupons. Use this site actively to enrich the number of coupons and discounts before shopping.