Mar 12, 2023

Procter & Gamble Rewards and Coupons in 2024

You don't probably know, but some of your preferred brands may belong to the giant Procter & Gamble. For example, Tide, Downy, Gain, Olay, Pepto Bismol, Vicks, Always, Bounty, Align. P&G, an American company, has established itself well in Canada for decades and these brands are well known for their superior quality. Let's get some savings with P&G coupons in 2024.

With such a large presence in Canada, P&G offers many coupons and discounts for the local market. At any time, you can find digital and printable coupons at the company's website. In 2024, the amount to save may exceed $20.

Here's how you can take advantage of P&G coupons and your favorite P&G brands.

P&G has a site specially designed to offer coupons. Back in the day, P&G coupons were sent out by mail throughout Canada. But lately, coupons have all gone digital. That means you have to print them at home.

In addition, P&G has evolved its rewards program into a new powerful tool to save and give.  The new program is powered by more than 60 P&G brands like Bounty, Tide, Downy, Crest, and more.

Here is what you get within the P&G Good Everyday program:

  • You engage: you get points while answering quizzes and surveys.
  • You earn rewards: you collect points for each engagement and you can redeem the points for rewards like gift cards.
  • P&G donates: as you earn points, the company makes donations to the cause that we care about.

Check the program out, sign up, and start earning points. The reward options can be consulted here.

As for P&G coupons, let's see how to get them on the same site.

How to get all these coupons?

To see the coupons and get them, you have to go to the P&G coupon portal.
As soon as you are there, visit the Offers section.

How to print P&G coupons?

As soon as you are on the site, you must:

1) Open a new session if you have subscribed to the site. If not, you have to sign up for an account. Give a valid email as you need to confirm it.

2) After signing up, you will need to answer a couple of easy questions so that P&G knows what types of promotions to offer you in the future.

3) After these steps you will see the available coupons by brand and you will be able to sort these coupons by:

  • Most recent
  • Higher value

4) Choose your favorite coupons by adding them to your virtual basket.

5) Once you selected your coupons, switch on your printer (here is how to pick a good printer for your coupon printing).

6) If the site asks for your name, provide one so that you can continue printing your P&G coupons.

What's the expiry date on your P&G coupons?

Read the text on the coupons you have printed. The rule of thumb is that a coupon is valid for a transaction in store.

Use these coupons away and make some savings on your groceries and beyond.