Aug 7, 2020

$ 7.50 in Yogurt Coupons from Danone: Activia, Oikos, DanActive in June 2020

Danone has been the leading yogurt producer in Canada for several decades. The company owns such famous brands like Oikos, Activia, Danino, Silk, DanActive. If you buy these dairy products, here is how to get Danone coupons in 2020.

Each year you can get over $100 in Danone coupons. All the Danone coupons are 100% digital and printable. See all the details about how to get these coupons below.

In 2020, you will have access to the new Danone Canada portal with regular coupons available on a number of dairy products. You can take advantage of coupons on Danone yogurts from the company's brands: Oikos, Danino, Danone, Activia. Sometimes, the coupons also cover Danette desserts and Silk milk (patented non-refrigerated almond milk) as well as YoPRO products.

During the year you will have access to coupons exceeding $100. The coupons change every month. 

For example, in August 2020 you have access to only one coupon whose value is $1.00 on the Danone site. You can download regular coupons directly from the Products page.

Danone coupons are printable. You can download the coupons in the PDF format and print them before going to your grocery store. Note: The Danone coupons saved on your mobile device are not accepted in stores.

You should also know, that you will not find all the Danone coupons on the product page of their site. Each brand's site offer their individual coupons. This may be due to how Danone works internally.

Valuable coupons from Oikos, Activia, DanActive can be found in their specific locations. See below how to get to these coupons.

Here are Oikos coupons

Currently, you can print 3 Oikos coupons worth $2.50 on the brand's portal:

- $1.00 on the purchase of 1 Oikos tub (750g, any flavour)
- $0.50 on the purchase of 1 pack of Oikos Extra Creamy (750g or 275g any flavour)
- $1.00 on the purchase of 1 pack of Oikos 4 x 100g (any flavour)

Here are Activia Coupons

You can print 4 Activia coupons worth $4.00:

- $1,00 on the purchase of 1 pack of Activia Drink (8x93ml, any flavour)
- $1,00 on the purchase of 1 pack of Activia Touch Of (8x100g, any flavour)
- $1,00 on the purchase of 1 pack of Activia plant-based (145g, any flavour)
- $1,00 on the purchase of 1 Tub Activia Plain

Try Danone portals every 2-3 weeks. Coupons change from time to time.

You don't have to register on any of the Danone sites. Just pick the coupons you prefer and print them directly or save as PDF files on your computer and print out when convenient.