Jan 23, 2023

7 Best Online Price Comparison Sites in Canada [2024]

Online price comparison sites are great tools for e-commerce sites to attract customers, increase sales, and compare with the competition. For us, consumers, these comparison sites allow to compare prices before buying a certain product. This gives us more ways to make right decisions before committing.

In this article we will explain what an online price comparison site. We will also list 7 best price comparison sites you can use in Canada in 2024. We will also provide some tips about how to use such sites in the most productive way.

What is an online price comparison?

Price comparison sites are engines that collect product information, including their prices, from participating businesses and websites. Users have access to this information and can compare product descriptions, prices, shipping terms on the same page. In the end, the consumer wins because the purchase decision is made taking into account all the details (the price too!).

Here is an example:

If I want to buy a printer online, I want to see all of the options available. Well, I want a laser printer. I'm going to go to, say, shopbot.ca, and search on that site. Here are the results of my search for laser printers:

It’s really easy to use comparison sites.

Here is the list of 7 best price comparison sites available in Canada.


ShopBot, created in France in 2004, has become the most important comparison site in Canada. Right from the start ShopBot focused on electronics only. Today you will find 16 categories of products to compare in real time. According to our personal experiences, the choice of products on this site is the largest in Canada.

Strong points :

- Simple and easy to use
- The search engine on the site is impressive
- The site allows integration on external sites


ShopToIt is another price comparison site available in Canada. The site is available in English and French. This site has existed since 2005. There are 10 categories of products.

Strong points :

- A rich collection of buying guides and advice
- Application for iPhone
- Possibility to keep and save your personalized lists


PriceGrabber is an American price comparison site with a good presence in Canada. This site features 6 product categories. The focus is on photography products, computers and other types of electronics.

Strong points :

- You can set up an account on the site and start tracking your favorite products
- There is also a section with comments
- You can receive alerts when the price of your favorite product drops


PriceBat only offers these two categories of products: computers and electronics. Such a focus on on these two categories allows them to have a wide range of diverse products. There are quite a few deals that can be found there.

Strong points :

- Very strong in electronics
- Lots of useful comments for each product
- Useful for finding small stores and online boutiques
- The site includes offers from Ebay


Bizrate offers almost 20 product categories in Canada. On this site you will probably see the same products as on other online comparison sites. For the moment Amazon.ca and Walmart seem to be the main participants on this site.


Amazon is a huge site that allows you to compare prices very quickly. In addition, the search engine on Amazon.ca offers you many possibilities to filter by brand, type of product, etc.


PriceFinder is a very basic comparison site with a big focus on electronics and computers. When you search on this site, you will get a list with direct links to product pages of the participating e-shops. There are not many details offered on the site.

How to find great deals on these sites?

Here are some tips on how to use price comparison websites efficiently:

Start by researching the product you're interested in. Look up the product name, model number, or brand to get a general idea of what the product looks like and what features it has.

Use several price comparison websites from our list above. Different websites may have different deals or discounts available, so it's a good idea to check more than one source to make sure you're getting the best price.

Use advanced search features. Price comparison websites offer advanced search options, such as filtering by brand, price range, and customer ratings. Take advantage of these features to narrow down your search and find the best deals.

Check for deals and discounts. These websites offer more discounts or coupon codes that you can use to further reduce the cost of your buy.

Check the return policy before buying. Make sure you're comfortable with the return policy before making a purchase, in case you need to return the item later.

Compare reviews and ratings. Read reviews and ratings for the product before buying. This can help you understand the pros and cons of the product and make an informed decision.

Consider the shipping cost. Some websites offer free shipping, while others charge extra. Check the shipping before buying and make sure the shipping cost is included in the final price comparison.

These simple tips can help you use price comparison sites more productively and will allow you to get the best deals out there.

At the same time, the price comparison sites may have limitations that you want to be aware of.


Price comparison websites are a helpful tool for discovering new products and finding the best deals, but they have such limitations:

Limited selection: Not all retailers and online stores may be listed on a price comparison website. This means that some deals or discounts may be missing.

Inaccurate prices: Prices listed on price comparison websites may not always be up-to-date or accurate. Some retailers change their prices and the websites may not always show these changed prices in real time.

Limited product information: Some price comparison websites may not provide detailed product information or customer reviews. This makes it difficult for shoppers to make good decisions about their future purchases.

Limited to certain categories: Some price comparison websites may only cover certain product categories, such as electronics or clothing. This means that you may not be able to find the best deals on other types of products.

Focus on certain retailers: Some price comparison websites may promote only certain retailers by showing only their products and by excluding competitors.

Limited to online shopping: Some price comparison websites are only for online shopping. So it's not always possible to compare prices of products available in physical stores.

Despite these limitations, these websites remain one of the best ways to find online deals in Canada.