Jul 13, 2021

Best Free Baby Samples in Canada [2021]

If you want free samples for your baby, we have made a list of sources, websites and brands that offer samples for children in Canada. You should know that there is no single, central place to order such free samples in Canada. But there are numerous sites that send free baby samples to Canadians. If you want to maximize the obtaining of baby samples, follow our strategy and use the below sources.

Strategy about free baby samples:

Here are 3 super easy steps to control what you receive as free samples.

First, because there are several sites offering samples, you would like to have a central place to keep track of your registrations. Well, you don't want to forget where you signed up and what you ordered. We suggest that you set up a new email which you will use when registering to receive free baby samples.

Why do this? Most sites ask you for an email to stay in touch with you. In fact, it's a good idea because brand messages give you a lot of useful information and advice. Plus they send you tons of updates including new coupons and new samples.

Having an email dedicated to these activities also gives you the ability to track your registrations - on what date you registered, for example. This is very useful if you get in touch with the brand over the phone or on social media.

Second, be aware that most sample sites require your physical address. This is normal, because these free samples are sent by post. Give the same address all the time.

Third, tell the people who live with you that you will receive free samples for your child. This is to avoid throwing your boxes with samples in the trash like "junk mail".

We suggest that you follow this 3 easy step strategy to control what you receive as samples for your little one.

Sites with free samples for babies:

Baby product brands are the best sources to get free samples. Such brands offer a lot of products to try. It's good for consumers and for brands. You have a choice, brands are more likely to attract new customers.

These brands often offer whole kits that include samples, brand coupons, as well as coupons from partner brands.

Children product brands work together when they are not competitors. For example, Pampers offers its coupons in the free Thyme Maternity basket.

We have reviewed the majority of the popular baby product sites and these offers are valid in 2021.

Huggies Canada

The Huggies brand has an official sample program. Upon enrollment in the program you can receive free wipes and diapers. In addition, all members of this program have access to Huggies coupons. The savings offered with these coupons can range between $10-15.

Pampers Canada

Pampers, the well-known brand of baby diapers, also has a sample and coupon program similar to Huggies'. The approach is similar too - you can receive coupons and samples of Pampers diapers.

In addition, as Pampers is a brand of P&G, you will have access to other coupons and discounts from Procter & Gamble brands.

Enfamil Canada

With Enfamil Canada, you have the opportunity to enter the My Family Beginnings program. As a part of this mom-oriented program, you will have access to an Enfamil rebate, coupon and sample package. The package usually includes Enfamil or Enfagrow formula samples. The value of offers can range up to $240. In addition, you can get free Enfagrow samples here. Enfagrow is a nutritional drink for toddlers. This drink includes DHA, which is beneficial for brain development.

Similac Canada

Similac is in the same game as Enfamil. This brand of baby formula also has a mothers' club that offers baby formula samples as well as valuable coupons. For the moment, Similac is offering a kit worth $200.

While registering check the box to receive offers from other Abbott Nutrition brands. This will allow you to receive samples or offers from these other brands.

Johnsons Baby

Johnsons does not appear to have a sample program open to the public. However, Johnsons works with the Babycenter site. Johnsons offers are often included in Babycenter shipments.

Baby Nestlé

Nestlé Canada offers a free baby sample program - Baby and Me. As a member of this program, you will receive a welcome baby kit, free samples for your baby, coupons and discounts. Nestlé will also send you useful tips and information by email.

London Drugs

London Drugs, located in Ontario, has a free baby sample program for new mothers. We registered on their site, but we didn't receive anything in Quebec. It’s still very beneficial if you have a physical address in Ontario.

The sources of free samples for your baby that you see in our list will allow you to have access to discounts of a value exceeding $ 1,000. Don't wait - benefit from them all!