Feb 28, 2021

How to Find the Best Deals and Coupons at Dell Canada in 2021

Dell Canada is a popular destination when you need a new desktop or laptop. Getting a new laptop at a discount is a dream come true. Let's see how to get good deals with Dell Canada in 2021.

I've been a Dell user for over 10 years and I've had 3 Dell laptops over the last decade. Two Dell laptops at work and a personal one. Well, the personal one is still alive and kicking. But it's probably time to replace it with a new Dell. Let's look together at how to get a Dell Canada coupon or discount.

Dell Canada Product Lineup

Dell has been always known for making good computers. Desktops, workstations, laptops. Their lineup does not end with computer, though.

Dell also offers peripheral devices such as printers, monitors, keyboards, speakers, mice, tablets. We've also noticed that Dell Canada offers computer products from LG, Samsung. We saw Canon cameras sold at Dell Canada, too. With TVs, cameras, storage devices, and software, Dell Canada is now a huge online electronics store. Treat Dell Canada like this rather than a computer store.

This is good to know since the deals and coupons can be also used on all products available at Dell.

100% Online Store

Dell is 100% online. It has plenty of tools to select the best laptop to your budget. You have many options to build your own machine based on several compatible options and parts. This is actually so great - you don't have to worry about compatibility issues anymore.

Dell's Return Policy

Dell Canada has a standard return policy. The policy lets you return the order for a refund or exchange. The usual return period is 30 days after you order your product.

Shipping in Canada

Dell Canada customers can get free shipping on virtually all products at Dell Canada. Some small price items may include a flat rate shipping rate, though. See the details while browsing the Dell Canada site.

Now let's turn to Dell Canada deals, coupons and offers. There are several ways to save on Dell products in Canada. Here they are.

Dell Rewards

Dell has a rewards program valid in Canada. Dell Reward members get 3% back in their accounts on dell.ca. The rewards are valid on certain purchases only, usually computers. The rewards are calculated before taxes and fees. This is an interesting way to get more from your purchases at Dell.

In addition, Dell Rewards members get exclusive offers with promo codes included. These are sent by email. So, make sure to opt in to receive promo emails.

Dell Canada Coupons

Dell has a special section on their site with the current coupons. The coupons come and go - check this Dell coupon page regularly. 

Currently, you can have access to these four coupons:

  • Save $50 on select Home and Home Office Laptops and Desktops when you spend over $1000 with limited quantity coupon code. Coupon code: $50off$1000PC

  • Save $100 on select Home and Home Office Laptops and Desktops when you spend over $2000 with limited quantity coupon code. Coupon code: $100off$2000PC

How to Use a Dell Canada Coupon?

To use a Dell Canada coupon, you need to select a product that's compatible with the coupon. Log into your Dell Canada account, go through the checkout process, and insert the code at checkout.

Dell Canada Deals

To your surprise, Dell Canada has two areas with savings. We have already mentioned the coupon section. There is also a Deals area on the site

The Dell Deals are mostly discounted computers and electronics. The deals change weekly. The price discounts go between 10% and 50%. These discounts are very attractive during the Black Friday week and over the winter holidays.

Now that I know where to get discount and promo codes, I am heading over to pick a new laptop. You?