Dec 11, 2023

New Harvey's Coupons in Canada [2024]

Love those Harvey’s tasty burgers? Now you can treat yourself to Harvey's burgers for less with these coupons valid in Ontario and the rest of Canada. We're listing here the recent and fresh Harvey's coupons valid in all the Canadian provinces: ON, MB, SK, BC, Maritimes, QC. See the list below and start saving when you're up for a burger.

Let's spend a couple of minutes talking about Harvey's. Harvey's restaurants have existed in Canada since the 1950s. It's a popular fast-food brand in the country. Harveys makes the promise that the beef in its burgers is 100% Canadian. The company works with local producers across the provinces. The chicken and bacon are also 100% Canadian.

As you move around your province, there's a pretty good chance you'll see a Harvey’s during your trip. With so many restaurants, it's always nice to have access to Harvey's coupons.

How to get Harvey's coupons

Harvey's is offering two types of coupons in 2024. See these two coupon types and see how they work below. The majority of the coupons below are valid across the provinces: Ontario, Alberta, Quebec, BC, Manitoba, Atlantic Canada, NFLD.

Redeeming the coupons is easy:

You will need to add it to your in-app order. When it's takeout or drive-thru, just show one of the below coupons or mention the coupon code.

Harvey's coupons for in-store orders (and in the app)

These are classic or traditional coupons. We call them: universal coupons. You can print them out and show them at checkout while ordering at a Harvey's (at the counter or drive-thru). These coupons include promo codes that you can just mention to the cashier.

Coupons valid in restaurants can also be used when ordering via your app. To use such coupons in your Harvey's mobile app, apply the coupon code at checkout.

Currently Harvey’s is offering between in-store coupons depending on the province you're from. Here are valuable coupons for Ontario and rest of Canada.

You can click on the picture of the respective coupon below and save it to your computer or smartphone. Each coupon has a coupon code. 

In-restaurant coupons

Here are some irresistible offers from Harvey's. Each deal comes with its unique coupon code, so remember to use them during checkout.

  • Get your first burger for $3.00 - Use Coupon Code: 3Burger
  • Late Night Classic Poutine & Drink - $6.99 - Use Coupon Code: LN05
  • Signature Poutine & Drink - $7.99 - Use Coupon Code: HAR420

These deals are valid at select locations across Canada. Always check with the staff to ensure these codes are valid at your local Harvey's. The codes are also functional within the Harvey's app. Make the most of these offers before they expire.

Harvey's coupons for in-app orders

This new type of coupons is only available for use in the Harvey’s mobile app. 

You can download the official Harvey's Canada app here. 

If you don't have a Harvey's account, you can sign up with either your Facebook account, or your Gmail account or using your email.

Once in, you can set up your profile by providing a payment method. This is very handy if you plan to order in your app. Your orders and delivery will come from a Harvey's in your vicinity.

So you can order via the app. The in-app only coupons below can only be used on in-app orders. Each coupon has a unique code, which you will need to enter when ordering in the app.

Here are the current in-app coupons valid in December 2023:

  • Angus 2 Can Dine - $16.99
  • 4 Can Dine Classic - $31.99
  • 2 Can Dine - $14.99
  • Signature Poutine and Drink - $7.99
  • Big Harv Original Meal Deal - $9.99
  • Chicken Sandwich Meal - $9.99
  • Angus Meal Deal - $8.49
  • Original or Veggie Burger Meal Deal - $8.29
  • Jr Burgers 2 for $5.00
  • Grilled Hotdog Meal - $8.99
  • Late Night Poutine (after 8pm) - $6.99

Please note that these offers are valid until December 17th, 2023. 

If you are having trouble finding a Harvey’s restaurant near you, use this restaurant location tool.

Coupons in the Flipp app

In 2023 you can also get the recent Harvey's coupons in the Flipp app and on the Flipp site. Go to this page and see whether there are any current coupons available.

Free Frings

If you sign up in Harvey's newsletter you can get their exclusive coupon for free frings. Get more details about this deal here.