Jan 3, 2024

Mcdonald's Canada Coupons and Offers in February 2024

Eating at McDonalds' regularly or from time to time? You can now save even more with these McDonald's coupons available in British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, PEI and Newfoundland. These coupons are available in 2024. The coupons come in both PDF format or inside the McDo app in Canada. So if you need a McDo coupon, follow the steps below to get the coupons and start saving today.

If you follow the steps described below, you will be able to take advantage of both in-app and printable McDonald's coupons in 2024.

Back in 2020 and earlier, McDonald's Canada would launch a new batch of print coupons every 5 weeks. These coupons were downloadable and printable from the Coupon section of their site. 

In the summer of 2021, McDonald's Canada announced the change to their coupons and promo codes. All new coupons are only mobile moving forward. 

Now in 2024, there are only two ways to get McDonald's coupons.

(1) McDonald's coupons in their print format [McDonald's Coupons in PDF]. 
(2) Mobile coupons via the McDonald's app on your smartphone

Let's look into the ways to get McDonald's coupons in Canada and see the most recent coupons.

Printable McDonald's Canada Coupons by Canada Post

Does McDonald's Canada still offer printable coupons delivered by post? Absolutely, they do! About every 5-6 weeks, you might find a delightful surprise in your mailbox - traditional McDonald's print coupons with barcodes, and all the necessary terms and conditions detailed on the back.

What's more, roughly every two months, you could be receiving a whole booklet with money-saving McDonald's coupons. These coupons are valid for around 3-4 weeks, giving you plenty of time to enjoy your McDonald's favourites at appetizing discounts.

The beauty of these coupons is their flexibility. You can snip them out and use them at any McDonald's location across Canada. Prefer to order at self-serve kiosks? No problem! You can redeem your coupons there too.

One little note, though: the frequency of these coupon deliveries might vary based on your province or region in Canada. But generally, you can look forward to these paper nuggets of joy in your mailbox approximately every 2-3 months. So keep an eye out, and get ready to savor more of your McDonald's favorites for less! 

Our team usually shares such coupons in a printable format here. Currently, there are no active printable coupons.

McDonald's Canada Coupons in Mobile App

McDonald's Canada made a major change to their digital coupons. These coupons are now available only in their app. Download the McDonald's app here: iOS and Android apps. The app lists coupons, offers, and also allows to order McDonald's food online. You can download the app on your iPhone or Android

Inside the app you will be able to see all the available offers in the McDonalds restaurants near you. For this, you will need to allow the app to detect your Location. If the Location sharing setting is not enabled, the app will not load any offers or coupons. Here is how you will see the in-app coupons - they are currently in the Offers section:

When you click through the Offers, you can see the list of the current discounts and coupons. Here are the offers valid at the beginning of 2024:

Offers in January 2024:

Here are the Mcdonald's coupons that you will find in your app:
  • FREE 6-piece Chicken McNuggets with purchase. Offer valid until 01/28/2024. 
  • $5.49 + tax Breakfast Meal Deal. Offer valid until 01/30/2024
  • $10.26 + tax 2 Can Dine Breakfast. Offer valid until 01/30/2024
  • $9.19 + tax McCrispy Extra Value Meal. Offer valid until 01/30/2024
  • $10.50 + tax Large Poutine and Medium Fountain Drink. Offer valid until 01/30/2024
  • $8.25 + tax Meal Deal. Offer valid until 01/30/2024
In addition, you have access to McDonald's Canada new system of rewards, which will allow us to save even more. After each purchase at McDo, we will be able to collect 100 points for each $1. McDonald's will also give an initial amount of 5,000 points upon your signup into the program. Let's talk about that for a bit.

Here are the other offers to collect even more points in January
  • After each 3rd visit you will accumulate 400 points
  • Get 2x points on your McDelivery order
The rewards program is easy to sign up into. When you log into the McDonalds app on your smartphone, you will get a prompt about it.

Depending on how much you spend with McDonald's, you will be able to accumulate points and use them later on coffee, donuts, etc. See an example of what the points can give you:

When it comes to offers and coupons, the expiry of certain coupons may be short. So you will need to act fast if the offer is appealing to you.

After you pick the coupon you like, you can either get the promo code and tell it to the McDo's employee or scan the bar code. You should be able to have something like this on your screen (this offer below is valid in 2024 in Ontario and Quebec).

Check the mobile offers before ordering at McDonalds - it's a good way to save a little each time you visit your preferred restaurant.

About McDonald's

Did you know that McDonald's, the world's leading fast-food chain, holds a special place not just in Canada, but across the globe? Known for its mouth-watering range of fast foods such as burgers, salads, drinks, and nuggets, McDonald's is actually important for both Canadian and global economies. McDonald's has a lot of faces - aside their restaurants, they even have a dedicated McCafé branch to meet your cravings for hot and cold beverages, pastries, and other delightful baked goods.

Our research shows that McDonald's promotes these 5 core values to all their teams, from top management to people preparing our food:

  1. Serve: McDonald's always puts their guests and people first. Even though we, consumers, may be annoyed or frustrated at times, they do try to make it their first priority.
  2. Inclusion: They open their doors to everyone, promoting a culture of acceptance and belonging. This is actually true as McDonald's has been one of the main employers across Canada and the US for decades. Well, my first job was in a local McDonald's in Montreal.
  3. Integrity: McDonald's believes in doing the right thing.
  4. Community: They strive to be good neighbors, contributing positively to their communities.
  5. Family: McDonald's embraces the spirit of togetherness.

But what makes McDonald's stand out? There is one thing that McDonald's does best. They delivery on the consistent quality of food that is served quickly and reliably, no matter where in the world you are. Well, this is a big thing - whether you are in Canada, the US, or France, or any other country, when you see a McDonald's you will definitely know how the food tastes in that restaurant.

As you can see above, McDonald's regularly offers coupons and discounts to recognize their customers' loyalty. This not only allows Canadians to save money but also to try McDonald's delights, like the much-loved Big Tasty menu, at a lower price.

So, enjoying the McDonald's experience, which is already affordable, can be even less expensive! Keep an eye for new McDo coupons and offers here.