May 8, 2020

Kirkland Brand: What to Buy and NOT Buy at Costco

Consumer Reports' editors explain what we want and DO NOT want to buy from Costco. The magazine gave a quality-price analysis for each Kirkland product category that is entered in the list of products to buy and DO NOT buy at your local Costco. If you did not know it yet, Kirkland is Costco's in-house brand. Let's explore the list and get armed with intel for our next visits to Costco.

When you join Costco, your main motivation is to start saving. But you have to shop with a clear purchasing strategy. Otherwise, you are going to have super full baskets and spend too many dollars during each visit to Costco.

In stores, there aren't many benchmarks to guide you on how to save money. That's why you have to know what to buy and what to avoid. Knowing the quality of Kirkland-branded products is valid for both: everyday products and products that we buy for a few years ahead like barbecues, mattresses, etc. Consumer Reports did a test, the results of which are presented in our article.



Consumer Reports says the Kirkland Signature Bacon is a good choice for quality and price. This bacon offers a good balance between fat content and taste. 'Mmm, bacon!' said Homer Simpson. Probably, this was about Costco bacon.


Kirkland Signature batteries offered at competitive prices of under $ 120 (compared with Canadian Tire) could beat a lot of car battery brands due to its durability and performance.


Consumer Report experts compared Breyers and Baskin-Robbins ice creams to Kirkland Signature Super Premium Vanilla. The last one turned out to be quite dense with a good taste of milk and vanilla. In short, the comments were very positive. Sold at a price that is 3 times less than Ben & Jerry's, Kirkland Signature Super Premium Vanilla ice cream is an unbeatable option!



Barbecues sold at Costco are more expensive than barbecues of the same size and capacity sold elsewhere. If you are aiming to buy a grill at over $ 1,000, check other stores like Canadian Tire and beyond.

If you want to buy a good barbecue under $500 that will last for years, Costco will be your choice. At prices between $ 400-500 before taxes you will be able to buy a bbq with a stronger performance than at, for example, Canadian Tire.


According to Consumer Reports, Kirkland Signature Gel dishwasher detergent has lower quality than other brands of this type of detergent. This detergent has a hard time washing greasy stains (pots and pans).


Buying Kirkland Signature facial tissue is buying facial tissue that offers a poor level of paper quality. Buying Puffs or Scotties is a better option if you appreciate the quality and strength of the paper in your facial tissue.


In the mattress range, the Ara viscoelastic foam mattresses are not good for those who prefer to sleep on their side or on their back. These mattresses offer poor stabilization.


Despite being soft, Kirkland Signature toilet paper is not strong enough according to the study by Consumer Reports. Opt for Cashmere Premium paper which is more expensive at $19.99 (often sold at $14.99) to benefit from better quality and stronger resistance.

Interested in learning how to shop better at Costco? Here is a list of useful resources: