A&W Coupons in Canada in 2020

A&W Canada continues to operate as usual despite the ongoing lockdown in a lot of provinces. You can still order A&W food via the drive-in service in May-June 2020. In addition, use the new discount coupons that allow you to get important savings. See how you can get these coupons from the A&W website. Follow the steps below.

When you get to the A&W Canada site,

1) register or, if you have already done so, enter the Coupons area with your username and password.
2) as soon as you are in your account, you will be able to choose the available coupons.

Currently, A&W is offering 10 coupons. The coupons are printable. Print them directly or keep them in PDF format on your computer or in your smartphone.

These 4 coupons are valid before June 14, 2020.
  • A Chubby chicken burger
  • Two Chubby Chicken Burgers
  • Egg Chef with Bacon Combo
  • Mozza Burger
I've redeemed mine already!

There are still 6 valuable coupons in your A&W account. Use them now, before June 14, 2020.

In addition, if you use this link, you will be able to have a free Root Beer from me. When you get to the page - sign up for this coupon.