Mar 22, 2021

A and W Coupons in Canada in 2021 - 10 New Coupons

A and W Canada continues to operate as usual despite the changed rules this year. You can order A and W food via the drive-in service in March - April 2021. In addition, use the new discount coupons that allow you to get important savings. See how you can get these coupons from the A and W website. Follow the steps below.

Disclaimer: A&W and A and W are mentioned in this post as fair use. Our site is not affiliated with the brand and we are not part of their marketing strategy. We only share the information about their new coupons without any commercial or advertising purpose. All the images were licensed on stock photo sites. Get the official A and W coupons on their official site linked below.

When you get to the A and W Canada site,

1) register or, if you have already done so, enter the Coupons area with your username and password.

2) as soon as you are in your account, you will be able to choose the available coupons.

Currently, AW is offering 10 coupons. The coupons are printable. Print them directly or keep them in PDF format on your computer or in your smartphone.

Make sure that you print the coupons right from the first try. If not, the coupons will disappear as the site will tag them as used.

These 6 coupons seem so appetizing. All the coupons in this new batch are valid before April 25, 2021.

Here are the top 5 coupons at under $10.
  • Mama burger for $ 2.69
  • English muffin with Sausage and egger sandwich + coffee for $ 4.79
  • Teen burger, fries and a root beer for $ 6.79
  • Chubby chicken burger, fries and a drink for $ 6.79
  • 2 English muffin bacon and egger sandwiches, 2 coffees for $ 8.99
There are 10 valuable coupons in your AW account. Use them now, before April 25, 2021.
Follow these steps to redeem your AW coupons:

  1. Go to the AW coupon site
  2. Sign in or sign up
  3. Pick your coupons one by one, or select All.
  4. Click Print.
  5. Choose between printing out and saving as PDF on your computer.
  6. Check whether you are able to open the saved file. If not, try the same steps.

You should see your coupons with the expiry date present. Keep them as a PDF file or print them out on your printer.
You can also download the brand's app and check the menu, have access to their restaurants and so much more. Download the mobile app for Android here and iOS here

To use the mobile app, follow the following steps:
  1. Download the mobile app to your smartphone: Android or iOS
  2. Log into your account or sign up for a new account.
  3. Check the sections in the app, from menus to local restaurants. 

You can also order food from the app. Check all the details in the app. 

More A and W Offers and Deals:

How can you get a free root beer in 2021?

The free root beer program is still on. You can get a free root beer like you did in 2019 and 2020. Use this direct link, register a new account on the brand's site, and get a free root beer coupon. That's a welcome from the brand.

How to get a fresh A and W menu?

Check this page as the only fresh source of their menu. It's updated on a regular basis.

How can you get a free coffee?

Certain restaurants are offering a free coffee in January (until January 31st). Ask for your free coffee when you order by phone or at drive-thru. There is a limit of 1 coffee per customer per day.

How can you get more A and W coupons?

Check out flyers coming to your physical mail box. A and W tends to send paper coupons by post. Those coupons are more numerous - usually 16, and their expiry date is longer. For instance, the coupons sent in March 2021 expire in May. These paper coupon include the same digital coupons and some bonus coupons.