May 24, 2024

Fresh KFC Coupons in Canada in 2024

Find KFC Canada's new coupons and coupons valid in 2024 here. KFC updates their coupons and discounts available across all the Canadian provinces on their site in English and French. With these KFC coupons you will be able to make significant savings on a monthly basis. No matter where you live: BC, Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, or Nova Scotia, you can equally benefit from these high-value coupons from KFC.

The savings are over $100 each month with such coupons. Follow the steps below to get these KFC coupons today.

In 2024, KFC Canada's coupons are divided into 3 categories similar to the previous years:

1) Meal for me - basically, it's a good lunch for 1 person
2) Meal for 2 - good for 2 people
3) Mega food - can be good for 4 adults

You can download the coupons in the PDF format from the KFC site. The convenience of the PDF format is that you can either print the coupons out on your home printer or you can save the file on your phone and show the code to the cashier's clerk.

You can use the coupons in all participating restaurants. Savings can go up to $120 during the duration of each promotion. The KFC coupons last between 4-5 weeks depending on the province.

If the link to the PDF does not work, go to the KFC coupons page and choose your province.

Here are the direct download links for the KFC coupons in PDF in June-July 2024 per province. Download and print these coupons out as you see fit:

--> KFC coupons in Alberta Valid thru: July 14, 2024

--> KFC coupons in British Columbia Valid thru: July 14, 2024

--> KFC coupons in Manitoba Valid thru: July 14, 2024

--> KFC coupons in  New Brunswick Valid thru: July 14, 2024

--> KFC coupons in Newfoundland Valid thru: July 14, 2024

--> KFC coupons in Nova Scotia Valid thru: July 14, 2024

--> KFC coupons in Ontario Valid thru: July 14, 2024

--> KFC coupons in Quebec Valid thru: July 14, 2024

--> KFC coupons in Saskatchewan Valid thru: July 14, 2024

--> KFC coupons in Quebec Valid thru: July 14, 2024

--> KFC coupons in Yukon Valid thru: July 14, 2024

--> KFC coupons in Prince Edward Island Valid thru: July 14, 2024

Coupons change every 4-5 weeks. Check the KFC coupons often! Also look at their expiration dates before using at your preferred restaurant.

The KFC discount coupons available in Ontario, for example, in April-May 2024 include:

Combo (3 coupons):

  • New Onion Rings for $2.00. Promo Code: DM017
  • Sandwich Combo for $8.99. Promo Code: DM632
  • 4 pc Box Meal for $11.99. Promo Code: DM642

Meals for 2 (4 coupons):

  • Sandwich Meal for Two for $16.99. Code: DM722
  • 2 Can Dine Share Bucket for $17.49. Code: DM891

Family meals (5 coupons):

  • 12 pc Barrel, Fries, 500 ml Sauces for $31.99. Promo Code: DM377
  • 12 pc Variety Barrel, Fries, 500 ml Sauces for $34.99. Promo Code: DM721
  • Family Special: 6 pc Chicken, 6 Tenders, Fries, 2 Sides, 2 Sauces, 2 Dips for $43.99. Promo Code: DM109
In terms of offers, everything depends on the period and the province you're in. Here are 3 interesting offers available in British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec and the other provinces, for example, in June-July 2024:

  • 2 original recipe sliders at $6.00 with the promo code: DM025
  • 2 can dine sandwich combo, including 2 sandwiches, 2 fries, 2 drinks at $16.99. Promo code: DM722
  • 12 pc. fries and gravy bucket at $31.99. Promo code: DM377

Online only:

  • Popcorn snack box at $5, on only.
  • Mighty box for two at $10, on only.
  • 2 can dine sandwich deal, including Mix n'Match, Big Crunch or Zinger, 2 ind.popcorn chicken, and 2 dips, at 15,39 $, on only.
Before you go, have a look at these behind-the-scenes video at a KFC restaurant in Canada.

Again, to obtain the KFC discount coupons in 2024, print them from here.

Download the KFC Canada coupons as PDF files. Keep this PDF in your phone and present the coupons when you visit KFC. Enjoy the savings!

If you don't have time to get to your local KFC restaurant, you can now order online, at Check out the same coupons - each coupon has a code that can be used at checkout online. Try it.

Also, in 2024 you can order your KFC chicken on the KFC Canada site. When you are done choosing your meal, go to the same coupons and grab the online promo code from the coupon so that you can apply the same discount on your online order. Find the online code in the right lower corner of the coupons.

These KFC coupons offer great savings no matter where you live, whether it be in Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, Manitoba, Quebec, or Nova Scotia. KFC is a well-known and loved fast-food chain with locations all across Canada, so these coupons can be redeemed at any of their locations. The savings offered by these coupons can vary, but they usually provide discounts on menu items, free sides, or even free meals. Therefore, no matter which province you are in, you can make a good use of these KFC coupons and enjoy a delicious meal while saving money.

Three Pro Tips to Save More at KFC

Now that you have access to the recent KFC Canada coupons, here are 3 quick tricks to save even more at your KFC restaurant:
  • Combos usually offer a better value for money than ordering items individually. Consider ordering a combo meal instead of separate items.
  • KFC Canada offers family-sized meals that are designed to feed several people. If you're visiting the restaurant with friends or family, consider sharing a larger meal to save money.
  • KFC Canada offers a variety of sides and extras, such as fries, gravy, and biscuits. While they can be tempting, skipping these extras can save you a few dollars on your order.