Aug 5, 2022

Complete Guide to Online Grocery Shopping at Walmart Canada

The major grocery stores in Canada started offering online grocery shopping. We already talked about online grocery shopping from Metro and Sobeys. Walmart Canada has also joined the online grocery game. In this guide we'll walk you through the details of online grocery shopping at Walmart.

Why would Walmart offer online grocery shopping? Actually, online shopping for groceries at is beneficial for both the shoppers and the store. The shoppers like you and I can browse through hundreds of products in the comfort of our homes. Walmart gets the benefit of less crowded stores and happier customers.

How does online grocery shopping work at Walmart Canada?

You can shop either on or in the official Walmart app (download the iOS version or Android version).

The steps are straight-forward:

  1. Create an account on or inside the app.
  2. Browse the virtual aisles for fresh groceries, household items, and many more other products. 
  3. Add the products of your choice to your online cart (either on the site or within the app).
  4. Book a grocery delivery slot. You need to choose a delivery date and time. 
  5. Place your order.

What happens next?

Walmart promises to have trained associates to take care of your online grocery orders.

Are the prices the same as in store?

Yes, Walmart confirms that the prices on the site or in the app are the same.

The big advantage is that your can browse the site and also check the current flyer to find the best deals. The rollback section of the site and app is another way with huge savings! Check it out too before adding products into your virtual cart.

Benefits of online shopping at

If Walmart is your preferred store, the online grocery shopping will offer some features that you will appreciate. 

You will be able to restock weekly groceries and household essentials with such features as Mobile check-in and Easy reorder. You can also get notifications about the weekly flyers and your favourite products on Rollback.

Delivery for your online groceries

If you plan to have your online groceries delivered to your home, consider the below.

Is there a delivery fee?

First off, your order should be over $35 before taxes so that your online grocery order is eligible for delivery.

Second, you can have your grocery delivered to your doorstep in as little as 2 hours. It will depend on where you live, though. If you live in any major city like Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, the express delivery will be possible. 

Walmart Canada has fees for the delivery service.

The standard delivery fee for picking, packing, and delivering your order is $7.97. The same day delivery fee is $10.97 and the express 2 hour delivery fee is $12.97. 

How does the delivery service work?

Walmart will deliver your groceries to your home, whether it's a house or an appartment or condo. If deliveries are not allowed at your place, you will be asked to meet the driver in the lobby or at the door. Walmart's delivery drivers will not leave groceries with the concierge.

How far in advance can you place your online grocery order?

Walmart allows to place your order up to 7 days in advance.

Online grocery coupon

To get started with the online grocery shopping at Walmart, here is a coupon valid in 2022.

Use the promo code SAVETIME60 to save $60 on your first 4 orders. You will get a discount of $15 per order.

Otherwise, you can also try this other promo code SUNSHINE60, which will offer the same savings: $60 on your first 4 orders. The promo code is valid in 2022.

Pickup for your online groceries

If you'd rather pick up your online groceries, you need to know the following:

Fees for using Grocery Pickup at Walmart Canada

There are no fees for standard Grocery Pickup orders that are picked up in a Walmart store. 

The express 1 hour pickup fee is $4.97. 

For Penguin Pickup locations, there’s a fee of $2.97 on weekdays and $4.97 on weekends.

How far in advance can you order groceries for pickup?

You can place your order up to 21 days in advance. 

Did you know?

Someone else from your family or household can pick up your order. Walmart's associate will ask for the name on the order, the address, and the order number. The person picking up the order will need to know these details.

Walmart's associates will not accept tips. That's forbidden by the current Walmart policy.

Walmart stores in Canada are all plastic bag free. So it's better to bring your own reusable bags to pick up the order.

More tips about the Walmart app (for pickup)

Here are some useful tips if you decide to download the Walmart Canada shopping app.

  • Enable push notifications and location services in your app. This will allow to have the following advantages:
  • You will get notified when we have your pickup order ready.
  • Walmart will use your location to estimate your arrival for the pickup.
  • If you add your parking spot & vehicle colour on the app, the associate will be able to bring your order right to your car.

Online shopping at Walmart creates another useful way for us to save time and be more efficient with our purchases. We believe that this type of online grocery shopping will keep us all more organized and will help us avoid making impulsive purchases. It also helps find deals and compare prices in the comfort of our homes.