Jan 8, 2024

Burger King Canada Coupons in January 2024

Burger King restaurants are fewer in number than McDonald's restaurants in Canada. At the same time, Burger King is a good alternative for McDonald's. Burger King's prices are similar to McDonald's low prices. Also, it's nice to have access to Burger King coupons to save even more. Here's how you'll get access to Burger King coupons in Canada in 2024.

Some time ago, Burger King made the decision to be closer to their client. The company decided to make all offers available only in the smartphone app which is compatible with your iPhone and with your Android phone.

Burger King's exclusive offers, coupons and discounts are available in the official BURGER KING® app. Download the app and start saving like a King!

Download the app for your iPhone here and your Android here to access the coupons.

The coupons and offers valid in 2024 in the Burger King app and in the Deals sections in Canada are:

Featured this month:
  • Whopper Mega Bundle: 4 Whopper Meals for only $28.99.
  • Family Feast: 2 Whopper Jr. Meals & 2 Whopper Meals at $25.99.
  • Whopper Duo Deal: 2 Can Dine Whopper for $14.99.
  • Chicken & Fries Combo: 2 Original Chicken Sandwiches + 2 Small Fries for $11.99.
  • Solo Whopper Treat: Enjoy a Whopper Meal at $7.79.
  • Nuggets & Fries Snack Pack: 8pc Nuggets & Large Fries for just $4.99.
  • Morning Duo Special: 2 Can Dine with 2 Coffees, 2 Croissan’wichs & 2 Hashbrowns at $8.99.

The official Burger King app in Canada

We will show you how to work with this app.

The Burger King app offers a lot of interesting sections beyond coupons and discounts. Let's get started with the first step when you download it to your smartphone.

Step 1: Choose your language once you download the Burger King Canada app.

Step 2: Sign up or Log in

Step 3: Upon logging in, you will land on the coupon view.

Step 4: Check if the app shows the province you're in.

The app also allows to change between English and French.

Step 5: Pick the coupon you'd like to use. 

Make sure to pick the coupon right before ordering as the coupon expires fast.

Step 6: Show the coupon code at the cashier.

Your have 15 minutes to redeem the BK code in the restaurants.

The app also has a map with all the Burger King restaurants around you.

In the map you can see the address, the working hours of the nearest restaurant. Since the address is active, you can see the route to the restaurant with Google Maps and even add the address as a destination in your Uber app.

When it comes to Burger King coupons, the app can send you notifications when new offers are available. When using your application, you would like to consult the “Coupons” section.

There is a limit to how many times you can redeem your offers in the Burger King app. You can use one discount code at a time. Also, Burger King offers food delivery.

Download the official Burger King app and start saving! The app for your iPhone and for your Android.  You can also check the Burger King offers page on their site. Plus, find a Burger King close to where you are.