Aug 7, 2020

$ 7.50 in Yogurt Coupons from Danone: Activia, Oikos, DanActive in June 2020

Danone has been the leading yogurt producer in Canada for several decades. The company owns such famous brands like Oikos, Activia, Danino, Silk, DanActive. If you buy these dairy products, here is how to get Danone coupons in 2020.

Each year you can get over $100 in Danone coupons. All the Danone coupons are 100% digital and printable. See all the details about how to get these coupons below.

Aug 6, 2020

Merrell Canada Coupons and Promo Codes [2020] - 50% off in July

Here are Merrell Canada coupons and promo codes available in 2020. Merrell is a well-known shoe brand. These days Merrell sells both shoes and clothing in brick-and-mortar store and online. You can also see Merrell shoes at their partner stores. The below coupons and discounts are valid on the Merrell Canada website. See the discount below.

Aug 2, 2020

Vichy Canada Coupon in 2020

Vichy, a brand of cosmetics from the well-known L'Oréal, has established itself as a well respected cosmetic brand in the country Created in 1931 in Europe, Vichy offers cosmetic treatments with exceptional mineralization and regenerating properties. In 2020, Vichy is the world leader in dermo-cosmetics. You can find this brand in more than 60 countries. Vichy products are sold in more than 90,000 points of sale.

You can buy Vichy products at any pharmacy in Canada. In addition, the entire catalog of Vichy cosmetic products is available on the Vichy website.

As it is a very popular brand here, we'd like to offer you coupons that are valid in 2020. Buy Vichy products and take advantage of their fortifying properties while saving at the same time.

Jul 29, 2020

Costco or Walmart? 7 Facts You Didn't Know

Costco and Walmart are well known to us as two stores with very competitive prices for everyday products. One always wonders which of the two offers more discounts and more deals. In our research we give you some interesting facts.

Jul 27, 2020

Why Amazon Prime Is Worth It In 2020

ExtremeSavingsCanada talks about coupons and savings available in Canada. We publish links to coupons and discounts available in the country. We also tend to cover services and products that can help save hundreds of dollars annually. 

This time around, let's talk about a service that has become indispensable for many of us - Amazon Prime. We have been using this service for a year and we would like to share our experience here. At the end of the article we'll do a little summary that will answer the question if Amazon Prime is worth bothering in 2020.

Jul 25, 2020

Costco Online Grocery in Canada

We like Costco stores for their attractive prices and a good choice of products. Sometimes, Costco stores can't have everything, because each store's physical space is limited. The online store - - is there to help us - you can order anything on their site. Until now, the Costco Canada site did not offer groceries. Costco has finally corrected this shortcoming.

See here how you can get Costco grocery stores online in your province, whether it's Ontario, Quebec, BC, or Alberta. In addition, we will also talk about the areas covered by Costco's express delivery service.