Jan 5, 2024

Hellofresh Canada Coupon [2024] - $200 Off Promo Code

In 2024 use these interesting offers to try the Hellofresh service. You can apply these below coupons during your first order with this meal box service. See the most recent discounts and promo codes valid in 2024 below.

Here are more promo codes that are available in 2024:

Up to $200 off:

This coupon code: 31-W30JS can help save up to $200 off your first 6 baskets. Here is the breakdown:

Up to $211 off:

Use the promo code 4S-WF2ZO and get Free breakfast for life + $211 off. Here is how it works:

Up to $195 off:

This up to $195 discount is applied on the first order and is spread out within the first baskets. The offer is valid in 2024. [code: CA20FM] You can get between $80, $120, and up to $195 in savings. 

If the above code is not functional, try this other one: R16HELLO, which will get you a discount going up to $195.

Up to $100 off:

This $100 discount is applied on the first order and is spread out within the first baskets. The offer is valid in 2024. [code: HFHUMANE]

$90 off:

To get a $90 discount [code: HFCARROT90] on your first four orders, use this direct link. The total discount will go to $90 as follows:

- $40 off your first basket
- $20 off your second order
- $20 off your third order
- $10 off your third order

This is an interesting way to try the service fully and see what it's all worth.

$80 off:

Here is another way to get $80 off [code: HFAFF80]. Use this direct link and you will be able to get a total discount of $80 as follows: $50 off the first order, $20 off the second, $10 off the third one.

Up to $120 off:

You can also try this other promo code [code: 3H-DLGG5] that can get you up to $120 in savings on your 3 first boxes. Use the promo code and get $120 off your first baskets.


After getting one of the promo codes - whether it's $100 off or $80 off - learn more about Hellofresh as one of the most popular mealbox delivery services in Canada. We have collected a lot of useful information about Hellofresh below. Just jump to the points that are interesting for you.

What is Hellofresh?

It is a ready-to-cook food delivery service available across Canada. This service is an alternative to the GoodFood mealbox service, that we already talked about on our site.

Hellofresh menus are tailored to your needs. With Hellofresh you can customize your menus. Choose from a large number of recipes each week. For instance, here is the Simple Lamb Ragu Recipe.

Also, consider downloading their mobile app. With the Hellofresh app you can schedule your deliveries to your place or in your office. All the ingredients are fresh.

In addition, you can change your settings, skip deliveries, or cancel the subscription at any time.
Hellofresh offers inspiring dinners with quick recipes. Everything is fresh and delicious.

How to get started:

To order, you will go through the 5 easy steps:

1) choose your mealbox plan
2) sign up to create an account
3) add your address
4) pay
5) choose your meals

Hellofresh bonus promo codes:

Here are some bonus coupons you can use in 2024. They are all valid!

You will save $80 on your first 3 orders. Your first basket comes with a $50 discount, the second with a $20 discount, an the third with a $10 discount.

You will save $80 on your first 3 orders.

You will save $40 on your first order.

You will save $60 in total.

You will save $80 in total.

You will save $80 in total for your first 3 orders.

You will save $90 in total for your first 3 orders. You will get a $45 discount on the first basket, $25 on the second, and $10 on the third one.

You will save $90 in total for your first 3 orders. You will get a $45 discount on the first basket, $25 on the second, and $10 on the third one.

What to do if the Hellofresh promo code is not working

There are a couple of things you will need to check if your Hellofresh promo code is not working.

  1. Make sure that your Hellofresh promo code is not expired.
  2. Make sure that you are entering the promo code correctly - without any spaces before and after the promo code in the promo field on the Hellofresh site.
  3. Check that the code is valid for the product you selected. Some codes may exclude certain box types or sizes.
  4. As some codes are only valid for first-time customers or are limited to one per household, double check the terms and conditions of the promo code. 
  5. Redeem the promo code in the right place. Promo codes for new customers should be added to your first order while creating an account.  Current customers can redeem their codes in their "Account Settings."
  6. Make sure you're not trying to redeem a gift card. Gift cards have their own area in customers' accounts.

Here are some answers to the questions about the Hellofresh food service before you try it.

How to send free Hellofresh boxes to friends and family

A Hellofresh free mealbox is an interesting gift. Hellofresh has a free first delivery promotion that's an offer that they give their customers to spread the word about Hellofresh. 

Well, the caveat is that you need to reach a certain customer status first. This promotion will be offered to you when you hit certain milestones with your weekly orders. In your Hellofresh account you are able to check whether you are eligible to send free Hellofresh boxes. Here is how you can check this: log in to your account and look on the left-hand side of the page for a menu called 'Free Box'. At some point, you will start seeing a little red number in a circle. This number will indicate how many boxes you are able to send.

Once the number is there, you just enter your friend's email address and they'll receive instructions on how to place their order. 

Another important note: free Hellofresh boxes are only offered to first-time customers. The receipent will need to sign up for a HelloFresh subscription to redeem this offer. Their first box will be completely free, though!

Does Hellofresh deliver in my province?

Hellofresh delivers all over Canada. Its services include Ontario, Quebec, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, PEI, New Brunswick. The company is constantly expanding.

Is Hellofresh a Canadian company?

Hellofresh comes from Europe. Its headquaters is situated in Berlin, Germany. Hellofresh operates in several countries, including Canada and the US.

When does Hellofresh deliver?

The company delivers meal boxes between Sunday and Thursday depending on your postal code. The delivery happens between 8am and 8pm.

Is there a delivery fee?

Yes, there is a delivery fee. It all depends on your box and your area. You can see these fees in your Hellofresh account.

How do I use Hellofresh coupons?

Look above. We have several Hellofresh coupons, which are valid in 2024. Copy the coupon you'd like to use and insert it in the promo field when you sign up for the Hellofresh meal service.

How do I see if I have any Hellofresh promo codes?

To see whether you have a new Hellofresh promo code or discount, log into your Hellofresh account and click on your name at the top right.

Under "Plan Settings", click "Manage" and see if you have any promos under "Meal Plan".

Can I save money with Hellofresh?

There are a couple of advantages for us all. Hellofresh offers great prices on meals. Hellofresh also offers time savings - no more hassle around shopping and cooking!

What is Hellofresh referral program?

You can generate unique promo codes and share these discount codes with your friends. Your friend will receive a $40 discount off their first delivery when subscribing with your referral code. Your account will be credited $25 each time your friends subscribe with your code. There is no limit to the number of referrals you can make.

You can find your referral code in your online account. Log in and click on "Free Food" at the top of the page. Then go to "Send invites". Your referral promo code will not change, so give it to your friends or family.

How does the Hellofresh food service work exactly?

Hellofresh delivers meal boxes to your door. Each meal box includes everything needed to prepare healthy and delicious meals. Hellofresh's chefs come up with new recipes weekly. Their recipes come with step-by-step instructions and photos. 

Hellofresh takes care of your time too. The ingredients come pre-cut and pre-measured. Now it's much easier to plan dinners.

How long does it take to cook Hellofresh meals?

Usually, the most Hellofresh recipes take between 30-40 min to prepare.

How do I cancel Hellofresh?

Cancelling your Hellofresh meal subscription is easy. Here are the steps:

  1. Log in to your HelloFresh Canada account.
  2. Click on your name at the top of the page, and then select "Account Settings".
  3. Choose the subscription you'd like to cancel from the green tabs. If you have more subscriptions, you'll have to cancel each one separately.
  4. Click on 'Cancel my subscription' in the bottom right-hand corner.
  5. You will receive an email confirming your cancellation. Pro tip: keep this email for any future reference.

Any more fun with Hellofresh?

Sure, check out this episode of their new Hungry Hearts series. That's a hilarious show focused on how a food service like Hellofresh can turn into a watchable sensation. 

Well, now head over to Hellofresh Canada and order your first meal box.