Mar 28, 2023

How to Save with Amazon Canada Coupons

Amazon has become the largest online retailer over the last several years. It looks like a large retailer more and more despite its focus on e-commerce. Coupons are an important merchandising tool that Amazon adopted too. Let's see how to get coupons and save on your purchases with Amazon Canada in 2023.

Being the largest online retailer does not mean being the cheapest place to buy stuff. Amazon has competitive prices, but one should compare prices with other sites or in-store. 

Before jumping to coupons, let's talk about how Amazon sets prices on its site. Like any other retailer, Amazon is a marketplace, where brands sell their produce. These brands pay Amazon a fee, which can go up to 50% of the price tag. This fee includes the permission to sell on the platform, fulfillment and shipping. 

Amazon does fulfillment for the brands and companies. This means these companies send large batches of their products to Amazon's fulfillment centers across Canada. Actually, this is why Amazon's shipping is this fast. By distributing the same product across its warehouses, Amazon can ship the product within 24-48 hours after someone buys it.

This infrastructure has a cost to Amazon. This cost is passed to Amazon's partners - those brands and companies that use Amazon's marketplace. This is why the price on a lot of Amazon-sold products may be higher. 

Amazon has a rich choice of products. They also know that you will not be comparing prices on every single product you put in your virtual cart. 

You can bring their low price further down with Amazon coupons. The company has a coupon portal with hundreds of coupons. 

Coupon Categories

Amazon coupons come in several categories in 2023:

  • Popular coupons
  • Health & personal care coupons
  • Grocery coupons
  • Beauty
  • Pet supplies
  • Other categories

Amazon offers 10+ categories of coupons. Savings can go between $0.50 and several dollars per product.

Of all the coupon sites, Amazon Canada has the largest amout of coupons available. There are certain differences in how you can use these coupons.

Using Amazon Coupons

First, you can only use these coupons on Amazon Canada, You can also try this direct link if you are logged into your Amazon account:

To use the coupons, you need an Amazon Canada account with a valid credit card and postal address.

Here are the steps in using Amazon Canada coupons:

  1. Browse the coupons available in the product category of your liking. 
  2. Clip the coupon.
  3. Add the respective product to your cart. 
  4. Log into your Amazon account and go to Cart.
  5. Make sure the coupon was applied before buying.

Next, Amazon has two other types of coupons.

Subscribe & Save Coupons

If you buy a certain product on a regular basis, this type of coupon is for you. These coupons help get the product at a discounted rate at the beginning. But make sure you don't forget about your subscription. Use these coupons only if you consume the product to the full.

Prime Exclusive Coupons

To see these coupons you need to be a Prime subscriber. Without your Prime membership, you will not be able to see these coupons even if you log in.

Prime exclusive coupons are not categorized by theme. It's a long list of coupons on various items: from chargers to travel locks. 

If Prime is something you'd like to try, check out this article about Amazon Prime.

Coupon Browsing Tools

Amazon is a technology company. They focus on a good user experience on their platform. The coupon section of the site is not an exception.

Here you can filter coupons by already clipped coupons. You can also filter coupons by Newest, Oldest, Expiring Soon, Most Popular, Discount Percentage.

Amazon Coupons can help you save if you come after the products you usually buy. Using these coupons to buy stuff you don't need will be a waste.