Feb 1, 2022

7 Shopping Secrets at Walmart

In Canada there are over 400 Walmart stores. In other words, you can find one in any major Canadian city. For a lot of us, Walmart has become a good source of groceries, basic furniture, electronics, toys. The prices are affordable and the choice of products is pretty good. But the question arises if we use good practices when shopping at Walmart and if we take advantage of the low prices offered by this store? Let's look into this.

Why are the prices so attractive at Walmart? We know that Walmart has a strong bargaining power with its partners, which translates into lower prices than in other stores. But that's not all. In our list we give you 7 secrets to save even more in your Walmart that are valid in 2022.

We shop at Walmart quite regularly. But after 2-3 months I realized that their low prices could be even lower! Here is what I did and you can too.

Cashback Apps

You may want to use cashback apps like Checkout 51 or Rakuten Canada. These apps and cashback-like sites compatible with your smartphone allow you to have small refunds on your purchases at Walmart when you put your Walmart receipts in them.

Before your next visit to Walmart, download such an app and see the offers that allow you to have some cashback.

You can have multiple offers at the same store. 50 cents on one product, 25 cents on the other, etc. This will give you a couple of dollars in cashback money at the end of your visit.

Shop Online and Pick up in Store

Here's a little secret: the online and in-store commerce teams are two different divisions at Walmart. Because of this, the price in stores and online is not always harmonized.

If online prices are lower, order the goods and pick them up in the store to save on shipping fees.

Walmart Mobile App

Walmart has an app for both Android and iPhone. Download the Walmart app from this page on Walmart.ca.

Make your shopping lists, receive discounts, access Walmart coupons in your app. It all works well!

Discounted Items

Walmart is a little unpredictable about their price reductions. Prices drop every day.

Our tip is to get to know better all the sections of your favorite Walmart and identify the corners with the products on sale for each section. Discounted products are always placed in the less visible corners, in the back, at the one side.

Walmart Coupons

You don't want to go to Walmart without checking out the available coupons.

You have two options:

1) Consult coupon sites such as our site, Save.ca, Websaver.ca. Print out the coupons you need.

2) Use the Walmart flyer and view the Coupons section on Walmart.ca.

3) Use the flyer app Reebee.com to get immediate access to the Walmart flyer and other flyers.

Walmart does not allow coupon stacking (use of more than one coupon on a product). But Walmart allows the remaining value of the coupon to be used on another product. For example, if you have a $ 3 coupon on a product that sells for $ 2.50. The remaining amount - $ 0.50 - can be applied to another product.

Shop Early

Shopping early in the day is very beneficial at Walmart. The best prices on perishable products - like meats, breads - are super low immediately before their expiration date.

Be a little more courageous and ask the store manager when they make price changes for these products (especially meats).

Also buy yesterday's breads - they are cheaper and you can refresh them with your microwave. 

Happy shopping!