Jun 9, 2020

Secrets Behind Costco Prices

Have you wondered why certain products at Costco have strange prices? Sometimes you may see tags and prices ending in .99, .97, .79, .49, .29. What is the secret? Here is the mystery behind Costco prices. We also provide visual examples.

When you shop at your Costco, it is important to pay a close attention to the price tags. This habit will help you save as you will be able to identify what's a real deal. Take a minute and learn the techniques offered here. We offer some details and some explanations below.

We just checked 5-6 online sources that explain the cost coding system at Costco. According to these sources, we can tell you with confidence that:

When you see a label that ends with ".99", we are talking about a regular price.

When the price ends with ".79", ".49", ".29", ".09", the product also sells at regular price, but Costco was able to obtain a special discount from its sellers or producers . This is probably valid for products that Costco had purchased in large quantities. Costco can then afford to lower the price a little to be even more competitive than other grocery stores.

When the price ends with ".97", you should know that this product is a bargain. This product is on special at Costco. Usually it is a sale while supplies last. You have to act quickly to take advantage of it.

When you see a product with a price tag that ends with ".00", it may be a returned product that sells at a super low price. It's the best deal of all!

If there is an asterisk on the price tag, it is a discontinued product.

To sum it all up, your best savings come with labels that end with:

",.97" + an asterisk.

These are discounts difficult to beat. Interested in more tips about smart shopping at Costco, continue reading: