May 20, 2020

15 Free Resources During Lockdown

During the last two months we were given stay-at-home orders in our provinces. Unfortunately, there are many people who have lost their jobs during these times. Do not be discouraged - think of this period as an opportunity to advance your professional skills and revise your habits and practices.

In our list find a dozen free tools and free resources like online courses and free fitness classes to use during this uncertain time. Try to learn something new. Do more exercises. Start cooking.

In the list we offer free tools. Most of these tools are the companies based in the US.

Free stock images, videos and music

If you want to start building your website, write more on your blog, start with graphic design projects for which you did not have much time before, here are some useful sources that are now free.

Shutterstock, a royalty-free image company, opened its image, video and music library to help struggling businesses. Their Covid-19 Resources page offers a lot of free assets to use for personal and commercial purpose. You will be able to download more than 100 images in high resolution for free. Additionally, Shutterstock offers videos and music for use in your professional or personal video projects.

If you are not an artistic type, use the free image pack from Shutterstock to change the background in your Zoom or Skype video conference tool. Everything is 100% free.

iStock, another stock image site, created a collection of 69 free images that you can download without paying. But you will have to create an account on this site.

Design software giant Adobe made access to Photoshop free available until May 31, 2020. There is one small condition - access is free for educational institutions. You will need to complete the form on this page before obtaining free access.

The Loom service that allows you to create video messages offers its service for free for the next few months.


We found 4 sites that reduced their costs during the pandemic period.

MilkStreet offers a range of free cooking classes.

Rosetta Stone, an educational site, offers free language courses for schoolchildren and students. It’s a great opportunity to keep your little ones busy. If you have more than one child, you will need to complete the form several times (for each child).

Linkedin, a social network for professionals, now offers some educational courses for free. See their list of free courses.

The Redshelf site offers 7 free ebooks.

Fitness at Home

The following fitness sites are currently offering significant discounts. Between them there are sites that have extended free trial periods.

FitOnApp: this site offers free fitness classes. Create a new account and find free classes in there.

OpenFit: with the promo code FRIENDSFAM you can have access to a private trainer (online) for 30 days.

Platoon: This site has extended the free trial period to 90 days.

Barre3: with the code BARRE3HOMEBOD you will receive 15 days of free training.

CorePower Yoga: this site offers free classes during this period.

If you've tried a free service, share in the comments.