7 Rules: How to Save with Coupons

Today coupons are available from brands and from retailers. A lot of people in Canada have figured out that coupons are a good source of savings on a daily basis. Coupons are also a good way to get introduced to new and sometimes better products we were not aware of.

In you are a coupon fan, here are the 7 rules that you’d be following from now on:

Rule #1: Never buy at regular prices

Once you bought a product at a reduced price due to a coupon, it would be hard to buy the same product at a regular price. Right? I see you nodding. In addition, it is so much more pleasant to buy the same product when it’s discounted and when you can add a coupon up. Double savings!

Rule #2: Stop wasting

Using coupons is not about buying in bulk and then throwing away. The products: clothing, grocery, etc. bought with a coupon or a discount should be put to good use. In other words, whatever was purchased needs to be used to its full. No waste is allowed!

Rule #3: Coupons are exchangeable

Coupon enthusiasts collect coupons for anything that’s worthwhile purchasing. With what purchase? To exchange the coupons. So join a local club of coupon fans or start going to coupon meetups to exchange your coupons and create value for both yourself and your coupon friends.

Rule #4: Follow a plan

If you consider yourself a couponer, you always have a plan when you are online or when you go to a retailer. You know very well what you are planning to purchase, which coupons you’ll be using, what limitations your coupons have, what policies the store you’re visiting has. Nothing is left to chance.

Rule #5: Stay vigilant

To avoid any unpleasant surprises at the cashier, read all the conditions and limitations on your coupons, especially the ones in fine print. Make sure that your coupons have not expired and the store accepts them. Make sure the coupons correspond to the products you are planning to pay for.

Rule #6: Collect coupons in any situation

Coupons are present everywhere – they are a good marketing tool for retailers and brands. You will see coupons at your supermarket, pharmacy, newspapers, magazines, online. Coupons are hidden on the back of the product packaging. Coupon are delivered and announced in brands’ newsletters. Just reach out and get them!

Rule #7: Make provisions

We all know than our favourite products are not always discounted and the coupons are not always available. So what to do? Buy enough quantities of your product to last long enough to the next promo period or next coupon. What does it cost to create a small storage place at home to keep these products in? A trifle, you’d say. But it can bring in some serious savings in the long run.

Go couponing!