Aug 25, 2020

6 Things to Do at Costco Without Being a Member

Can you get in a Costco store without being a member? Actually, you can do these 6 things in a Costco store without being a Costco member. Here is how you could benefit from the low prices at Costco without paying the membership fee. 

Do Eye Exams

In any Costco store you are able to find eye doctors in the section with glasses. You can make an appointment without being a Costco member. But if you would like to buy a pair of glasses or some accessories, you will need to have a member card.

Shop with Gift Cards

If you have a Costco gift card with a value up to $1,000 (purchased and given to you by a Costco member), you can use this gift card in any Costco store without being a Costco member.

Buy Prescription Drugs

Buying medicines with a prescription or getting vaccinated is allowed in Costco-based pharmacies without a Costco card. So, we you have a prescription, head to a Costco to benefit from the lower prices on medicals.

Buy Alcohol

Buying a bottle of wine at a Costco store without having a Costco card is possible. The thing is that this policy is not well known even by the personnel. So if you get some resistance at the cashier's, ask for a supervisor to authorize the purchase. Be patient, though! The booze sold at Costco is usually less expensive than elsewhere. The wait time is worth it.

Window Shopping

Visit Costco to do some window-shopping. If you are asked to show your card at the entry, say that you are there to apply for a new card. If you are at the reception, ask for an application form and say you'd like to have a quick tour in the store before signing up.

Buy Junk Food

The junk food sold in the Costco food court is very cheap. A hotdog and a pop go for $1.50 (together). This is the lowest cost in Canada for a hotdog and a coke. To get to the food place in the store, use the same entry strategy described in the window-shopping point above. 

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