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Jan 2, 2024

Costco Travel in Canada - Premium Getaways Made Affordable

If you have been saving to go to an exotic destination, you may turn to Costco to book your trip. Really, you'd say? Yes, Costco is not just your grocery store. It offers so much more. And travel is one of the services that you can buy with your membership card and get all the perks for enjoying your vacation, including the rebates and deals. Let's dive in and see how Costco Canada can make your travel less expensive.

Jun 10, 2023

Wingbuddy: The Best Affordable Travel Agency in Canada

When it comes to finding the ideal travel agency, it's important to choose one that offers great value for money and an exceptional customer experience. Wingbuddy, a Canadian online travel agency, has been making waves in the industry with its high-quality services and affordable travel packages. Whether you're looking for the best travel agency in Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Edmonton, or Calgary, Wingbuddy should be your go-to choice. See why we like and use this travel agency below.

Important: If you book your trip before December 8th, you will get a discount of $100/person.

Apr 15, 2023

Passport Photos at Walmart Photo Center and More Alternatives

Looking to get a photo for your Canadian passport? Check out Walmart's photo center. Also explore these other photo places near you. See more sources below. They are all valid in 2023.