Jun 10, 2023

Wingbuddy: The Best Affordable Travel Agency in Canada

When it comes to finding the ideal travel agency, it's important to choose one that offers great value for money and an exceptional customer experience. Wingbuddy, a Canadian online travel agency, has been making waves in the industry with its high-quality services and affordable travel packages. Whether you're looking for the best travel agency in Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Edmonton, or Calgary, Wingbuddy should be your go-to choice. See why we like and use this travel agency below.

Important: If you book your trip before December 8th, you will get a discount of $100/person.

Wingbuddy's Mission

Wingbuddy's primary mission is to facilitate the planning process for both simple and complex trips. They believe that a traveler's time should be spent enjoying their trip rather than worrying about the planning process. To achieve this, Wingbuddy offers complete packages, taking care of every detail for their clients. The prices that you see on their site include flights. The prices are also with taxes included, so there are no surprises at the checkout.

Products and Services

Wingbuddy specializes in exclusive international packages, along with all-inclusive packages, flights, hotels, cruises, and cars. They have a wide range of destinations and travel options to suit every traveler's needs. Their team of experts works tirelessly to ensure that each package is crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail.

Unparalleled Customer Service

One of the key reasons why Wingbuddy stands out from the crowd is its exceptional customer service. Their team is passionate about the products they offer and understands the importance of satisfying their clients. They focus on continuous improvement by investing in technology, training their agents, and offering the best deals on all their packages.

Why so? Well, Wingbuddy realizes that customer service should be perfected before, during, and after the trip. 

Where is Wingbuddy from?

Wingbuddy Inc. is a licensed Canadian corporation, founded and operating in the province of Quebec. They adhere to all the requirements and regulations set by the OPC throughout Canada and the US, ensuring that their clients can trust their services.

Founders and Experience

The founders of Wingbuddy have over 15 years of experience in the travel industry, having managed their 33-year-old sister company. Both passionate travelers themselves, they have thoroughly studied each destination they offer, allowing them to deliver the most complete and well-rounded packages to their clients. Before offering any new packages, their team tries the trips to make sure they know the destination from inside out.

Wingbuddy Reviews & Ratings

Wingbuddy has received numerous positive reviews from satisfied customers, praising the company's hassle-free packages and exceptional customer service.

One client recounted their experience with Wingbuddy's eight-day "Exploration of Iceland" package. Despite some changes to their itinerary, the client was thrilled with the experience and the support they received from Wingbuddy throughout the trip.

Another satisfied customer described their Prague-Vienna-Budapest package as "the best trip ever," appreciating the seamless planning and memorable experiences provided by Wingbuddy.

Solo-Friendly Travel Options

Wingbuddy understands that not all travelers have companions to share their adventures with. To cater to solo travelers, they offer packages with no single supplement, ensuring that everyone can enjoy their trips without feeling penalized for traveling alone.

Top Wingbuddy Packages

Wingbuddy offers a wide range of travel packages, catering to various interests, budgets, and preferences. We reached out to their team and asked about their most popular destinations in 2023-2024. Here are the top 3 destinations from the team.


Italy has always been a popular destination for Canadians. Wingbuddy has several packages to explore Italy. You can visit Venice, Rome, Florence, and more within these tours.


Portugal is the 2nd most travelled destination on Wingbuddy's list. You can explore the continental part of Portugal, but you can also go to the Portuguese islands in the Atlantics. Just take a look at the choices available for Portugal.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is another popular destination, which offers a completely different experience. From the busy streets of San José to the natural beauty of the Costa Rican parks and forests.

Save Time and Money with Wingbuddy

Wingbuddy allows travelers to save both time and money when planning their trips. By offering pre-planned trips with all logistics taken care of, Wingbuddy eliminates the stress of planning a vacation. Additionally, by booking directly with them, you can access the best deals and enjoy incredible value for money.

Wingbuddy Wows its Clients

As a client who has experienced Wingbuddy's services firsthand, we can confidently say that this travel agency goes above and beyond to provide an unforgettable experience. From the seamless planning process to the outstanding customer service, Wingbuddy truly sets the bar high for travel agencies in Canada.

One of the standout features of Wingbuddy is its dedication to offering exceptional value for money. With their affordable packages, they make exploring the world accessible to a wider range of travelers. Additionally, the quality of their packages and the experiences they provide is truly remarkable.

Throughout my trip to Greece, I was consistently impressed by Wingbuddy's attention to detail and commitment to customer satisfaction. Their team was always available to address any concerns or questions I had, ensuring that my trip was stress-free and enjoyable.

In conclusion, I wholeheartedly recommend Wingbuddy to anyone searching for the best travel agency in Toronto or Montreal or the rest of Canada. With their fantastic packages, exceptional customer service, and unbeatable value for money, Wingbuddy is the ideal choice for travelers looking for a memorable vacation experience.

Final Thoughts

Wingbuddy is undoubtedly one of the best options for travelers seeking an affordable and reliable travel agency in Canada. With its diverse range of packages and exceptional customer service, Wingbuddy consistently delivers unforgettable experiences and great value for money. If you plan to travel internationally or go on a cruise, consider Wingbuddy for your next adventure. We did, and did not regret!