Apr 15, 2023

Passport Photos at Walmart Photo Center and More Alternatives

Looking to get a photo for your Canadian passport? Check out Walmart's photo center. Also explore these other photo places near you. See more sources below. They are all valid in 2023.

If you are planning to travel outside Canada this winter or next summer, you should check your passport. Make sure that your passport is not expiring within six months when you leave the country. If your passport is expiring soon, you should renew it. The first step in renewing your passport is to get passport photos. The same is valid if you apply for your first Canadian passport (by the way, congrats on that!).

Passport photos should comply with the specs required by the Canadian government. You can see these requirements to be informed before your visit to the photo place.

Because such requirements exist, you can only order passport photos in specialized photo centers. Luckily, you can do it fast and at an affordable price at Walmart Photo Center locations across the country. There are also other places where you can take passport photos. Read on to get more details about Walmart's passport photos and the other places near you.

Walmart Photo Center

Walmart is probably the least expensive place to take a passport photo. The regular price for the two passport photos you need is $13.97 + tax (the price went slightly up from the previous $12.97 in 2022).

Walmart also tends to run promo periods. So you can get you passport photos at the price of $11.97 + tax from time to time. 

Not all the Walmart stores have photo centers where you can take passport photos. Here is the list of the Walmart locations across Canada where you can take such photos. Scroll down on the page and choose your province to get to the list of the locations.

Alternatives to Walmart Photo Centers

Unfortunately, Costco Canada closed their photo and print centers as of February 2021. Costco used to be a great alternative source of passport photos in Canada.

In Ontario and Quebec you can go to Jean Coutu to take your passport photos. There is usually 1-2 employees who are trained to take such photos. The price is $13.97 + tax.

UPS Stores: you can check the closest UPS store as UPS Canada offers passport photo services at select locations. The price is higher than Walmart's but it's still affordable. For example, here is a UPS store in Brampton, Ontario, that offers such services.

Shopper Drug Mart (Pharmaprix in Quebec) is another good alternative location to take passport photos. The price is higher, though. In Ontario and Quebec it is $22 + tax.

Otherwise you can do a quick search on Google typing "passport photo near me" and you will get a list of photo studios near you. The majority of them will be small studios. Their price may range between $20-25 for the two photos needed. Call them in advance to check the price and make a reservation (if needed).

Can I take my own passport photos in Canada?

The answer is No. The Government of Canada requires photos for Canadian passports to be taken in person by a commercial photographer or studio. So Walmart Photo center or any other authorized photo studio will help. The studios should stamp each photo (on the back). The stamp will include the name of the studio or photographer and the date.

What are the requirements for a Canadian passport photo?

You can get all the official requirements here. In short, you need to submit 2 identical and unaltered photos taken within the last 6 months. The photos should be taken by a commercial photographer or by a professional photo studio. These photos should be sharp and clear. Your facial expression should be neutral (no smiling, no frowning, no closed eyes, no open mouth). 

Canada allows you to wear hats or head coverings for religious reasons. But if you wear glasses, they should be removed to avoid any light glare in the photo.