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Nov 4, 2023

9 Cyber Monday Shopping Tips for Canadians in 2023

Several decades ago Cyber Monday did not exist. Today, Cyber Monday is a major shopping event, only second to Black Friday. Interestingly, it was an invention from some smart PR people who were tasked to sell more of electronic goods in the early 2000s. Deals are galore during this day. Let's see how to navigate sales and discount and shop without breaking the bank.

Mar 12, 2023

Best Buy Canada Return Policy Explained

Best Buy Canada is an established go-to destination for a lot of us to get our tech and electronics. But what happens when you need to return a product?  In this case, you want to understand the store's return policy as it can help make the return process easier. Plus, this knowledge will help you get the best outcome about your purchase at Best Buy.