Mar 12, 2023

Best Buy Canada Return Policy Explained

Best Buy Canada is an established go-to destination for a lot of us to get our tech and electronics. But what happens when you need to return a product?  In this case, you want to understand the store's return policy as it can help make the return process easier. Plus, this knowledge will help you get the best outcome about your purchase at Best Buy.

Best Buy Canada's return  policy allows for most products to be returned or exchanged within 30  days of purchase with some exceptions. 

For instance, certain  items can only be returned if they're unopened, while others may have  restocking fees. In our article below we will talk about these cases. We will also explain what happens to your money if you return a product from a seller through the Marketplace program. We will also explain if Best Buy's Protection  Replacement Plan is a good idea. So let's dive in.

General Return Policy - 30 Days

If you ever need to return or exchange a product you bought from Best Buy, there are a few things you should know.

You usually have 30 days to do so, starting from the day you bought the product in-store or the day it was delivered if you bought it online. 

Some items, like cellular and wireless devices, have their own return policies. Best Buy Canada also has a list of non-returnable items.

To be eligible for a return or exchange, the product must be in like-new condition and returned with its original packaging. 

Some items can only be returned or exchanged if they haven't been opened yet. We will cover these below.

When you go to return or exchange a product with Best Buy, make sure to bring the original receipt, the payment method you used (the credit or debit card), and everything that came with the product, like manuals, accessories, and bonus items. 

The Best Buy employee may ask you to provide your name, address, phone number, and signature. In some cases, you might be asked to show a government-issued photo ID (medical card or driver's license) to confirm your information.

Cellular and Wireless Products - 15 Days 

Here is what Best Buy considers cellular and wireless devices: cell phones and smartphones, carrier-activated tablets, mobile hotspots, and wearables. 

You can return cellular and wireless devices only up to 15 days from the date of your in-store purchase, or 15 days from the date your online order is delivered. 

The return period is up to 30 days for any person who has self-identified as a person with a disability. 

Best Buy wants you to disable all security settings on the devices before returning these products.

Returning Bundles, Bonus, Defective Items

Let's take them one by one.

If you want to return a bonus item, like free gifts, you'll need to return both the item you paid for and the bonus item to get a refund. Bonus items can only be exchanged if they're defective.

With bundle items, which are products that come together as part of a package deal, the return policy is different. Bundling items together makes it possible to offer them at a lower combined price. So if you want to return one product from the bundle, you'll have to pay the regular price for each item you want to keep. This might be more expensive than the bundled price. Then, you'll get a refund for the item from the bundle that you returned. 

If you have a defective item, you can return it or exchange it within 30 days. The same rules will apply: make sure to return it in its original packaging and with all the items that came with it. 

Non-returnable Products

Unfortunately, there are some products that fall under the non-returnable category. Here's a list of them:

  • Major appliances that are Open Box, floor models
  • Miele brand major appliances
  • Service, delivery, and installation fees
  • Gift cards and pre-paid cards
  • Digital downloads, like software and video games
  • Books, magazines, and copyright materials
  • Food, vitamins, and supplements
  • Earrings
  • Intimate products
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Seasonal holiday goods
  • Shopping bags

So, if you purchase any of these items, you won't be able to return them to Best Buy. 

It is always a good idea to double-check if you're unsure about whether or not a product is returnable.

Open Box Products

You can return Open Box products except for those products that fall under the non-returnable category of products that we mentioned above. The returnable open box products should be in the state that you purchased them. Both the 30-day and 15-day return policies apply to them.

Returned Products: Condition Requirements

Best Buy pays attention to the condition of the products returned.

Most items can be returned or exchanged even if you've opened the box or packaging, except for non-returnable items and certain items that need to be unopened.

If you've opened the box or packaging, the product needs to be in like-new condition, which means it can't show any signs of use. But, there are extra conditions for certain items:

  • All furniture needs to be unassembled, whether it's indoor, outdoor, nursery, or baby furniture.
  • Fashion apparel, linens, bedding, maternity products, and baby clothes, shoes, and accessories must be unused, unworn (if applicable), unlaundered, and still have the original tags attached.
  • For cell phones, smartphones, wireless devices, computers (laptop and desktop), tablets, iPads, and eReaders, all security settings need to be disabled. 

Make sure to keep these requirements in mind when returning or exchanging products from Best Buy.

Restocking Fees

Generally, there are no restocking fees when you return unopened items to Best Buy, or when you return most items that have already been opened. 

There are some exceptions where a 15% restocking fee of the purchase price will apply, though. This restocking fee applies only if the original packaging has been opened for these items:

  • Action cameras and camcorders
  • DSLR and mirrorless cameras
  • Camera drones
  • Camera lenses and flashes

Unopened Products

These products can returned or exchanged only if the original packaging is unopened.

Here's a list of those items:

  • Major appliances, except for Open Box, floor models, and Miele major appliances, which are non-returnable
  • Baby, nursery, and maternity products, except for baby monitors, gates, and highchairs, which can be returned if opened
  • Beauty, grooming, and personal care products, except for hair dryers, hair straighteners, and curling irons, which can be returned if opened
  • Fitness equipment
  • Computer components and upgrades
  • Physical software, blank media (like blank CDs), and entertainment media (including video games, music, and movies)
  • Office supply consumables (like ink and toner)
  • Paper supplies (like paper and writing instruments)
  • Headphones and virtual reality headsets
  • Microphones
  • DJ and karaoke equipment, musical instrument consumables (like guitar strings), and wind instruments (like harmonicas)
  • Beverage dispensers or soda machines with compressed gas
  • Photo film
  • Batteries
  • Cleaning supplies and chemicals
  • Pools

Shipping and EHFs

Best Buy does not refund shipping and handling charges. They will only refund them if the product you're returning is defective. 

The Environmental Handling Fees (EHFs) are refundable, though. 

Returning Marketplace Products

You probably know that you can buy electronics from third-party sellers on These listings look like this:

If you're looking to return a Marketplace product, here's what you need to know:

Marketplace sellers have their own return policies specified by each seller. These products can't be returned to a Best Buy store. You'll need to return Marketplace products by mail directly to the seller.

To find a Marketplace seller's return policies, you can check the product page on The policies should be listed under the "Returns" section. Make sure to read through them carefully before making a return.

When you're ready to return a Marketplace product by mail, follow the instructions provided by the seller in their return policies. Usually, you'll need to contact the seller first to get a return authorization and shipping label.

Best Buy Protection Replacement Plan

Best Buy has a protection replacement plan, which can help get your money back when you are past the 30-day return window.

The protection plan will not get your money returned, but it will help replace the defective product.

This plan covers replacement costs without any deductibles or hidden fees. So, if the product becomes defective under normal usage, you'll receive a gift card for the original purchase price, including taxes.


In conclusion, we can say that Best Buy's return policy is relatively favorable and competitive compared  to other electronics stores in Canada. It is still inferior to Costco Canada's return policy

At the same time, Best Buy's 30-day return or exchange  policy with some exceptions is comparable to other major retailers,  while their Protection Replacement Plan sets them apart from others.  We believe that Best Buy Canada's return policy is customer-friendly and easy  to understand. You can always check the latest version of the Best Buy return policy here.