Nov 4, 2023

9 Cyber Monday Shopping Tips for Canadians in 2023

Several decades ago Cyber Monday did not exist. Today, Cyber Monday is a major shopping event, only second to Black Friday. Interestingly, it was an invention from some smart PR people who were tasked to sell more of electronic goods in the early 2000s. Deals are galore during this day. Let's see how to navigate sales and discount and shop without breaking the bank.

Every year millions of shoppers in the US and Canada use the Monday after the US Thanksgiving to stock up on cheaper electronics and other deals. Cyber Monday serves as a counterpart to the traditional brick-and-mortar retail-focused Black Friday. It is now associated with online deals more than anything.  According to a recent survey by Tangerine, 55% of Canadians said they were looking to shop this Black Friday and Cyber Monday. That's several millions of us!

In our list we're going to provide several shopping tips if you plan to shop on this coming Cyber Monday day. Our tips range from easy to follow to slightly more complex, but still useful. This tips are extremely valuable if you want to score nice deals after the Black Friday craze.

Make a list

When you start jumping from a website to another, it's so easy to get carried away. Instead, have a plan! Make a list of things you need and want to buy. Target products that are normally a little too expensive for your budget. So Cyber Monday deals may allow you to get something you wanted so much, but could not afford. Mark these products down in your list. Then identify the sites where these products are available.

Set limits and set a budget

Do some accounting first. Tell yourself how much you are willing and are able to spend this Cyber Monday. The financial limits will be in line with your shopping list. Be strict with your spending!

Choose secure sites

It's important to make sure you're shopping on secure sites. Since you will be providing a credit card as a payment method, make sure that the site is secure.

You first look at the URL of the website (the website link you type in the browser). The name of the site and their URL should be the same. If you are shopping on BestBuy Canada, their site should be and not anything else. If you see a suspiciously strange URL, leave that site without buying anything.

Second, shop only on sites with the SSL security protocols. In simpler words, make sure the site's URL starts with "https" or has a visible lock icon at the beginning of their link in the browser.

Third, check for a Verisign protection icon, which is another proof you can trust this site.

Read the fine print

When you come to a site, check the fine print about the Cyber Monday sale. See if there are any rules or restrictions about returns on purchases made on this day.

Print and save all receipts

This is a must for all Cyber Monday purchases (and it's a good shopping habit, in general!). When you buy anything online, save and print all invoices and proof of purchase. This will be helpful if you decide to return the product later.

Shop in incognito mode

In your preferred browser you have the so-called incognito mode. When you use it, websites don't see any cookie or trackers that they dropped into your browser during your previous visits.

Why would you do it? A lot of ecommerce sites may have different prices for new and repeat users. Deals are usually better for new visitors as sites want to attract them with deals. By shopping in incognito mode, you are able to get access to better and lower prices. So open a new tab in incognito mode or open a new private window in your browser.

Use comparison sites

Check prices on comparison sites to get the best deals.

Resist up-sells

When you add products to your cart, don't pay attention to all the messages like "Users like you also purchased" or "Add an insurance plan". These upsells and cross-sells may increase your final bill and bust your Cyber Monday budget.

Monitor your bank account

A couple of days after the shopping spree, check your bank account or credit card statement. This is to ensure there was no fraud. This is the time of the year when online fraudsters are very active. In addition, it's a good practice to make sure no site took advantage of your credit card via the famous fine print clauses.


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