Tuesday, October 21, 2014

How to Save on Halloween Costumes

Halloween is coming in a matter of days. For parents it's another expense: our kids need new costumes just to be top-notch for this year's Halloween. See below how you could save and not spend too much on costumes for your kids.

First, you might want to use the items you already own!
Yes, DYI costumes are the best savers. Use what you already have at your place: from clothing to makeup. There are plenty of chances that your home has all the needed pieces and you will just have to add them all up in a nice DYI costume for this Halloween. Explore your kids' closets and put your imagination to work when dealing with castoffs.

Use these ideas for DYI costumes:
20+ Halloween Costumes for Kids
20 Infant Halloween Costume Ideas

Second, call on your friends and swap with them.
As a parent I know how painful it is to buy a new costume for Halloween. The kids wear it just once! What a waste! At the same time, I bet you know a bunch of parents who feel the same way and who would be happy to swap and lend costumes. Well, that's usually on condition the costumes are kept in good condition :) I usually give a good cleaning and washing to borrowed costumes - a night of running from house to house does have a toll on any Halloween costume. And I do value the relationships with the other parents.

Third, if you still want to go for a bought-at-my-retailer costume, then go for a "dress-up" rather a "costume". Leave the Halloween section with $50-$60 costumes and head to the toy section where you will find regular costumes for half the Halloween price. A princess dress in the dress-up section could go for as much as $20.

Fourth, forget about the masks.
Masks are cool, they are scary, and... they are expensive and dangerous! There have been plenty of reports warning that masks obstruct both vision and breathing in kids. These studies recommend to avoid masks in kids. Opt for face paint instead of an expensive mask.

Happy Scary Halloween!

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