Jul 6, 2022

What Should I Know About the Dollarama Near Me?

Need to know when your local Dollarama opens and closes? Do you know why Dollarama is such a popular store? Read on to get these details and more below.

Dollarama is a popular dollar store in Canada, headquartered in Montreal. You will be surprised to know that Dollarama is the largest retailer of items under four dollars in Canada. It took this badge in 2009.

Dollarama has over 1400 stores across the country. It is present in every province of Canada, with the most stores in Ontario.

Why is Dollarama so successful?

Dollarama is a successful and popular store. With so many stores in Canada, it is able to negotiate volume discounts with its suppliers and offer more savings to its customers. Dollarama also refreshes its product lines every year by testing new items and ditching what’s not selling. These two reasons are crucial in the store’s success in the country.

How to find a Dollarama near me?

There are probably a bunch of Dollarama stores near you. To find a store nearby, go to the Locations page on Dollarama’s site and enter your postal code or address. You will see immediately what stores are close to where you live or where you are.

Another way to find a Dollarama store close to you is to Google “Dollarama near me” or go to Google Maps and search for Dollarama. The closest stores will be at the top of your search results.

When does Dollarama open and close?

Across the country Dollarama stores open at 8am and close at 9pm local time during the weekdays. Saturday and Sunday the stores stay open until 5pm in Quebec. In Ontario the stores are usually open until 9pm on Saturday and 7pm on Sunday.

In British Columbia, Dollarama stores are usually open 9am - 7pm. On Thursday and Saturday they may close at 9pm.

During provincial or national holidays, the stores may be closed.

Where does Dollarama get its products?

Dollarama sources its products from all over the world. The company imports a large amount of its inventory directly from China. Dollarama also works with local distributors and producers. According to the company’s recorders, over 40% of its products are sourced from North American partners.

How does Dollarama make money?

You probably asked yourself how a dollar store like Dollarama can make money. Well, Dollarama makes money by selling inventory in smaller sizes, selling its own label products (not paying for branding), and keeping its staff at a bare minimum.

Dollarama has 20 employees per store on average. The majority of the employees are part-time and are usually paid the provincial minimum wage.

By managing its expenses and its inventory, Dollarama made over 4 billion dollars in revenues (before taxes) in 2022. Not bad for a dollar store company! 

Shopping at Dollarama

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