Jun 17, 2023

A Complete Guide to Canadian Tire Price Match Policy in 2024

Do you know that Canadians can now save even more at Canadian Tire? The popular chain of stores across the country has a powerful price match guarantee that offers another way to save. Let's dive into the details of this program.

In a nutshell, Canadian Tire's price match policy works in a standard way. If you find the same product offered by a competitor or a different Canadian Tire store at a lower price, your local store should be able to match that price. 

You will still need to prove that the competitor is offering exactly the same product. Canadian Tire's intent is to provide the highest quality product at the lowest price in the market. As consumers, we are happy about this way to save more. Now let's get down to the details of the price match policy. Jump directly to the section of your interest:

Let's start with a short summary of why Canadian Tire has a price match guarantee.

What is Price Matching?

Let's spend a minute talking about price matching. A lot of Canadian retailers have a price matching program. Such programs are not a new invention. They've been used for decades to boost in-store sales by promising the best prices to customers. 

These programs and promises to beat a competitor's price on a product are also a way for retailers to show loyalty to their long-term clients. Shoppers that are focused on savings know that a proof of a competitor's lower price can not only get a price adjustment, but can also results in an additional discount. Some retailers may offer an additional 10% off the competitor's price. 

Price matching guarantees are very helpful as they allow customers to get a refund after the purchase. Say, you've bought an expensive piece of furniture and you see a lower price at the same store several days after that. You would like to get the difference back into your pocket. So a price match policy should help you do that.

Price matching policies may be subject to a bunch of rules and conditions. Canadian Tire's price match guarantee offers a solid price protection. It extends up to 30 days after the purchase. 

Canadian Tire's loyalty program is called Canadian Tire money, or Canadian Tire cash. This loyalty program has changed since its inception in 1958. The price match policy is another way to reward loyal customers. All Canadian Tire stores have the same rules, which is great. Whether you are in BC, Ontario, Nova Scotia, or any other province, you should be able to get the same price match guarantee.

Let's go over all the details about the Canadian Tire price match policy valid in 2024.

How do you price match at Canadian Tire?

There are two scenarios that may happen to you. 

1) You may find a lower price before you purchase. 

2) You have already purchased from Canadian Tire and then you see a lower price elsewhere. 

Let's see what you need to do in each of these two cases.

If you are ready to buy an item at a Canadian Tire store, but you found a lower price at a competitor, follow these 4 easy steps:

  1. Make a copy of the competitor's offer
  2. Go to your local Canadian Tire store
  3. Show a store associate the competitor's offer for the identical product. You can show the product on the competitor's website (show on your smartphone) or the flyer (online or print).
  4. Once the Canadian Tire associate determine it's a match, they will match the price.

If you have already purchased an item from a Canadian Tire store and you found a lower price at a competitor, you can get a refund for the difference by following these steps:

  • Visit a Canadian Tire store within 30 days of purchase with your receipt in hand. You have 14 days to get a price match with another Canadian Tire store.
  • Show a store associate the competitor's offer.
  • Once determined that the item qualifies, the associate will price match to the lower offer.
You should also know what Canadian Tire considers identical product and local competitor. These two things are important to know before claiming your price match.

What is an identical product?

Before you claim your price match, you need to know what 'identical product" is. This is an important detail so that your request does not get disapproved.

So the identical item is:

  • an item with the same features, applicable warranty, manufacturer, model number, size, volume currently available for sale at a lower retail price by a competitor.
  • a product that's new, in original packaging (open box or used will not be accepted).
  • a product that's not in the Exclusion list (see below).

Canadian Tire also requires that competing offers from online retailers should include the shipping cost to the Canadian Tire store where you're claiming your price match. Taxes, exchange rates and all other fees should be also present (if it's the case).

Who is a local competitor?

Canadian Tire has a specific description of "local competitor". We need to know this definition too, before asking for a price match. So a local competitor is:

  • a retail store that's located in Canada, within 200km radius from the store where you're requesting the price match.
  • other Canadian Tire store
  • any Canadian online retailer website, who domain ends in ".ca". Walmart.ca and Amazon.ca are eligible.
  • for car tires and wheels, online retailer websites ending in ".com" are eligible.

What's excluded from the price match policy?

There are certain circumstances where the price match program will not work. Here are the exclusions:

  • Physical retail store with the lower price located more than 200km from where you request the price match.
  • Prices on Online Exclusive products offered on the CanadianTire.ca website.
  • Online retailer websites outside of Canada (except for what was mentioned for car tires and wheels).
  • Items with typographical or advertising errors or misprints.
  • Used, damaged, refurbished, returned, open box or display merchandise.

There is also a long list of exclusions with very specific use cases. These offers and discounts below are not eligible for a price match.

• Wholesale priced items

• Discounts offered for volume purchases

• Offers requiring the purchase of more than one item or free offers with the purchase of an additional product (Ex. “Buy One, Get One” sales)

• Mail-in rebates, scratch and save discounts, gifts with purchase, or prepaid cards

• Credit or financing programs offered by competitors

• Prices offered by competitors with their financing methods like stores' credit cards.

• Competitor’s bankruptcy, closeout, clearance, discontinued or liquidation prices, or any other sales where quantities are limited.

• Discounts or any other type of promotional offer made available by any party in connection with the sale of gift cards

• Discounts, gift certificates, coupons or credits of any kind offered by coupon issuers not actually providing the product or service

• “Spend and Get” promotions (for example: spend $200, and get a $20 gift card)

• After-purchase Price Matches during special sales events like Black Friday or Cyber Monday

• Clearance items after purchase

The price match is not applied on:

• Labour, service or installation charges, delivery or assembly charges

• Emergency automotive parts sourced from third-parties

Is Canadian Tire's Price Match Worth It?

Whenever your favourite retailer matches the price of its competitors, it’s a great thing. After all, everyone loves saving money! Surprisingly enough, research shows that just 1% of Canadian consumers actually use these policies. Why? Checking prices across multiple competitors may be a time-consuming activity that not everyone will want to engage in all the time. 

To get the full benefit from price match guarantee, you need to use tools to compare prices in a quick way. Check out our list of online price comparison sites to compare prices. You can also use flyer aggregators like reebee.com that have search tools to find products across several flyers.


The Canadian Tire price match guarantee is a useful tool for Canadians to save more at this retailer's stores. This policy is highly permissive and robust to allow savings both before and after purchases. Check out the recent version of the policy at Canadian Tire's site here