Sep 6, 2023

Costco Canada Executive Coupons in Oct 2023

Are you an Executive Member with Costco Canada? Here are your coupons valid this month. Show the Executive coupons at the cashier to get a discount. If you don't know what these coupons are, read on.

Yes, Costco has high-value coupons, but these coupons are only available to Executive members. Let's take a look at these coupons and see whether they offer real savings.

What is Costco's Executive Membership?

Costco is one of the few successful warehouse stores that requires a paid membership to get access to its stores. In Canada you can be either a Gold Star member or an Executive member. The membership fee is different depending on your membership. In 2021 the Gold Star membership is $60 plus tax, and the Executive membership is $120 plus tax. The membership is paid once a year. You paid the membership upon joining the program and renew 12 months after.

In our in-depth calculations you can figure out which of the two - Gold Star or Executive memberships - are better for your budget. We know for sure that the Executive membership comes with a couple of perks. You can get a 2% cashback at the end of your 12 month period. You also have access to Executive coupons.

Costco Executive Coupons

Executive coupons are usually valid for 2-3 weeks. Costco's executive members receive such coupons by post every 2 months. The coupons come alongside the Costco magazine, which has plenty of useful information and announcements about future sales.

Executive members can clip these coupons and present them in store. If an executive member did not receive the coupons by mail, they can always get their coupons on the official pages with Executive coupons.

In September-October 2023 there are 20 coupons available to Executive members. Here are several of them:

Each Costco Executive coupon includes its validity dates, product shot, discount, name and quantity of the product. The coupon will also mention the original price and the immediate savings available with this coupon. The coupon will also have a barcode that the cashier will use to apply the discount.

Costco's executive coupons have some limitations. They are usually one item per coupons and one coupon per household. The coupons don't have any cash redemption value. The coupons issued by Costco Canada are only available in Canada. 

Also, the Executive Coupons may not be accepted at Costco's Business Center locations. 

There is also one interesting particularity about Executive coupons. They are not Costco's in-store coupons. They are manufacturers' coupons. This means that taxes are applied based on the price prior to the discount. 

There is another interesting thing about Executive coupons. If the product is not available (sold out), the store can issue a rain check to you. You just need to ask about it.

Finally, only current Executive members can use such coupons.

See the current Executive coupons available in Canada here.

More savings with Executive coupons

You can actually get more savings when you pair up in-store discounts that you find in the Costco flyers and the Executive coupons.

Here is the current Costco flyer:

Leaf through it and check the current Executive coupons here. If you see the same product on sale and a coupon for it, this is the best way to save!

After reading this information about executive coupons, don't rush to upgrade your Costco membership. We recommend making decisions about your membership based on how much you spend at Costco every month.