Sep 5, 2023

Code Promo KEEN Shoes Canada in 2024 [30% off]

Do you need solid and durable shoes? Look no further - KEEN is the perfect match for all your casual and hiking shoe needs. Let's dive into the history of KEEN and get some discounts on their shoes in Canada in 2024.

Have you wondered what makes a shoe company different from the rest of the pack? It's not always the quality as quality of shoes is a must-have for any brand. It's the company's idea behind its products, social responsibility, contribution to the community.

KEEN has these 3 ingredients: they offer solid shoes with a rugged design, they give back to the community, and they have social commitments (like reducing exposure to PFC chemicals used in shoe production).

KEEN is a relatively young company that was started in 2003. Ever since its birth, the company has been a responsible citizen. They have donated over $15 million to nonprofits. They also sponsored a number of international initiatives around the world. The company stands by its motto and delivers on its promise to help make the world a better place. 

Let's make it clear from the beginning - KEEN shoes are not for parties. They are casual, durable, comfortable shoes for everyday use. Scroll down to see the details and get the promos, coupons and offers on KEEN shoes.

Shoe styles

KEEN shoes are known for their rugged design, which makes them a perfect companion for road trips, hiking experiences, long walks. KEEN shoes come as casual and hiking. 

KEEN sell shoes for women, men, and kids.


The Womens collections are now full of spring and summer styles. 

But you also have access to a number of styles with protected toes. Have a look!


Same as with the women styles, hiking shoes offer a lot of comfort and durability for men.


The kids styles are what every parent dream of: closed shoes for the cold and hot weather.

Promo Codes & Coupons

You can get 30% off on the shoes on sale. KEEN Canada usually have between 10-30 styles on sale all the time. 

By the way, getting winter boots at half the price is possible at the end of the season. Same is with sandals. So shop great winter boots in spring and sandals in the autumn on the Keen Canada site.
Here is what's on sale these days:


$10 off: Here is the direct link to get $10 off your first purchase on Keen's site. Click on the link and the discount will show up at checkout.


With the purchase of any shoes you will definitely get free shipping. But KEEN is honest about the shipping fee if your purchase is below $50. They will need to add a $15 shipping fee. For any purchase above $50 your shipping will be free across Canada.

Keen is working with Canada Post. So the shipping time is between 2-4 days in the major urban areas in the country. KEEN's warehouse is in Ontario, so they ship from their Burlington, ON, location.

KEEN Shoes in stores

You can find KEEN shoes in the majority of sports stores across Canada. The choice may be limited, but the price may be a bit better in store than online.