Mar 4, 2024

Fresh Subway Canada Coupons in 2024

Looking for new Subway coupons and offers? We've got you covered. Check out all the recent coupons and promos. We have both print and in-app offers for you. Save with these Subway coupons in 2024.

Subway is the world's largest submarine sandwich chain. In Canada Subway is a good choice for a quick and nutritious meal. 

In 2024 the Subway menu is full of delicious options that go beyond the transitional sandwich. You can treat yourself to salads, wraps, breakfast, soups among the offered options. The bread you get at your local Subway is actually baked in-house and daily. Subway has been a nutritious choice for a lot of Canadians for over 30 years.

Even if Subway prices are affordable, we can still save with Subway coupons and discount codes. Here is what savings are available in Canada.

In-app Coupons

To maximize on savings with Subway, we recommend to install their official app on your smartphone. You can use both mobile and mail coupons in your app.

Subway offers abound in the app. You will now have access to all promos within one click. 

Here are some offers available in the Subway app in Canada this month:

What's new this month?

Subway is taking your taste buds on a culinary adventure with 15 new sandwiches, each one a masterpiece crafted by our skilled chefs. These sandwiches are bursting with irresistible flavors that will leave you craving more.

And there's more good news! Use the code SERIESFTLDRINK when you buy a 12-inch Subway Series sandwich, and you will get a free bottled drink. Add a little extra sparkle to your meal.

But why stop there? Sign up for the Subway app and unlock a treasure chest of exclusive rewards. It's your passport to a world of benefits from Subway.

These offers are also valid this month:

  • Special Offer: Get $5 off when you choose any 2 from our Subway® Series - the #1 Canuck Classic, #2 Great Canadian Club, or #3 Turkey Rancher Footlongs. Use Promo Code: SSDELI5

These coupons are valid in March 2024.

Printable and Mail-in Coupons 

Subway send a good amount of coupons by mail every month. Such mailed-in coupons are valid for 4-5 weeks. Each mail coupon includes the information about the offer, conditions, expiry date. Mail coupons also include a promo code that you can use in the app to redeem the offer.

Here are a couple of other promo codes from the mail coupons sent out to select locations in Canada. You can use these below code in store and online:
  • Buy a Subway Series footlong and get the second at 50% off, with code: 50SERIE12PO
  • #1 Country Club footlong or #2 Big Club Subway footlong for $9.99, with code: CLUB999
  • $2 off a 6-inch Subway Series sandwich of your choice, with code: 2SERIE
  • 6-inch No.11 Green Goddess or No.12 Mozzarella Bella for $5.49, with code: 549VEG
  • 2 rice bowls or wraps of your choice for $18.99, with code: 2BOLS1899
  • $2 off 1 rice bowl or wrap of your choice, with code: BOL2
  • Buy a classic footlong or make your own turkey or ham for $7.99, with code: CLASSIQUE799
  • 2 classic 6-inch combos or make your own for $15.99, with code: 1599DINE2
  • 2 classic footlongs or make your own for $17.99, with code: FAISTON1799
  • 2 classic footlongs or make your own for $25.99, with code: 2FAISTON2599
  • $2 off a footlong of your choice, with code: RABAIS2
  • Get 6 cookies for $2 with the purchase of a 12-inch sandwich of your choice, with code 6BISCUITS2
These promo codes are also valid in 2024.