Jul 28, 2021

Get up to $250 with That Suite Money.ca [Microsoft Class Action]

Did you know you may be eligible to get up to $250 from Microsoft Canada if you live in Quebec, Ontario, British Columbia, or the rest of Canada? But you need to act fast to get the Sweet Money.ca deal on thatsuitemoney.ca - claims should be submitted before September 23, 2021. Read on to see whether you are eligible (and you most probably are!).

This is a call from the past, when computers were more expensive due to increased prices on the operation systems and software installed and pre-installed. What's happening here?

Background for the class action

Several years ago some lawyers sued Microsoft for illegally increasing prices for certain Microsoft products likes Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Surface, Microsoft Office, and more. You can see all the products that are part of the class action here
Microsoft settled with the claimants without accepting any wrongdoing and capped the payouts to 409 million Canadian dollars. Read more about the Microsoft class action in this article from CBC.ca.

Who can take part in the class action

Here are the details about class action members. A lot of Canadians and residents may fall into the description and can claim a piece of the settlement.

You can submit your claim if you were a Canadian resident as of May 25, 2016 who, between December 23, 1998 and March 11, 2010 (inclusive), purchased a license for:

  • PC versions of Microsoft’s Word, Excel, Office, Works Suite, or Home Essentials applications software (including any full upgrade versions)
  • PC versions of Microsoft’s MS-DOS or Windows operating systems software.

Such a purchase would have happened for personal or business use in Canada on an Intel-compatible personal computer, and not for resale. Purchases must be of a genuine license for any full or upgrade version of the Microsoft products listed above.

If you purchased a Microsoft product to use on your computer, or a new PC computer with a Microsoft product already installed, that means that you purchased a license for the product.

What if I purchased a PC with pre-loaded Windows (XP, Vista)

Yes, you may be eligible to receive compensation if you purchased a PC with Microsoft software pre-loaded on the computer, such as Windows, Office, Word, Works, and/or Excel, between December 23, 1998 and March 11, 2010 (inclusive), for use in Canada.

Submitting your claim

You can submit your claim on That Suite Money.ca before September 23, 2021. You can submit a separate claim for every desktop or laptop computer that used an eligible Microsoft product. If you paid for one (1) Microsoft program that you used on two (2) computers, you will need to submit two (2) licences. 

Don't delay your submission as the deadline is set on September 23, 2021.