Jan 4, 2024

GoCoupons Canada Offers $ 31 in Coupons [2024]

Did you know of this other Canadian coupon site - GoCoupons.ca? Good news! GoCoupons has undergone a major change and is offering now a better and more user friendly experience. In 2024 you can get $ 31 in savings on GoCoupons.ca. These savings include coupons and cashback offers. Let's see how it works.

GoCoupons.ca has been around for a while. It came into being after the success of Save.ca and Websaver.ca was becoming more evident. So GoCoupons.ca joined the small army of the Canadian coupon sites that work directly with local and international brands. 

Here is what you'd need to know about this new coupon site. Jump directly to the point of your interest:

In 2024 GoCoupons emerged with a new face, new features, new ways to offer Canadians savings like fresh coupons and cashback options. Here is what's new on GoCoupons.

Search for coupons

GoCoupons is now so much faster than before. When you visit the site, you can see how fast it loads and how easy it is to find coupons.

You can choose your province at the top and see only the offers valid for your location. You can then refine your coupon search by type, categories, brands, and retailers.

In terms of type, you can choose your savings by either coupons or cashback.

Categories include a list that you will like: bakery, ready meals, frozen, beverages, and many more.

Brands and retailers include the participating partners that distribute coupons and offers on the GoCoupon site.


With this redesign, you may need to set up a new account on GoCoupons even if you had one in the past. Setting up a new account is easy. And you definite want to have one on this coupon site. We will mention why a little later.

To create a new GoCoupons account you will need to provide the site with some personal information like your name, last name, email, province, postal code, year of birth. The personal information is minimal, which is so great.

Make sure you give a longer and more sophisticated password for a better security of your account. Confirm your email and you're good to go.

Confirming the email is an important part of the signup process as GoCoupons need to have a valid email for the cashback feature, which will talk about later in our story about GoCoupons.


The main novelty comes with savings. If GoCoupons was a distributor of print and mail-in coupons in the past, they have transformed into a platform that allows users to earn money with their cashback program. 

When you visit the coupon section of the site, you will see that offers are either Print or Cashback or both.

Print Coupons

Print coupons are actually digital coupons. You log into your account, choose your coupons, add them to your virtual coupon binder and print them out.

Print coupons can be saved as PDF files on your computer so that you can print them out later. Print coupons include a bar code and an expiry date.


GoCoupons is now part of the cashback trend, which is a great way to save even more. You can now add cashback offers to your Coupon binder. The cashback offers will be visible in the Cashback tab in your coupon binder.

You can now upload your receipts into the GoCoupons site. By having relevant purchases on your receipts, you can accumulate cash in your virtual wallet on the site. Once you get to over $20, GoCoupons will send you a check or an e-trasfer to your confirmed email.

Current Savings

This month GoCoupons is offering over $31 in coupons and cashback offers.

Here are all the 15+ coupons and cashback offers available on this coupon site:
  • 0.50 $ off  on the purchase of any Bonne Maman product 200-500g
  • 0.50 $ off  on the purchase of any Bonne Maman product 175-530ml
  • 0.50 $ off  on the purchase of Laura Secord Hazelnut Spread
  • 0.50 $ off  on the purchase of Laura Secord Dark Chocolate Spread
  • 0.50 $ off  on the purchase of Laura Secord Milk Chocolate Spread
  • 0.75 $ off  on the purchase of any Bonne Maman More fruit, less sugar Spread 290ml
  • 1,00 $ off  on the purchase of any Stefano Faita product
  • 1,00 $ off  on the purchase of one box of Breton crackers
  • 1,00 $ off  on the purchase of any 2L Natrel Plus
  • 2,00 $ off  on the purchase of any Stefano Faita sauce
  • 3,00 $ off  on the purchase of a Maison Orphée Avocado Oil 750ml
  • 3,00 $ off  on the purchase of COOKINA ZipRRR 2-pack Reusable Sandwich & Storage Bags
  • 3,00 $ off  on the purchase of Reusable COOKINA GARD Oven Liner
  • 5,00 $ off  on the purchase of 2 Stefano Faita sauces
Here is how it all works in a nutshell:

Check the new features and new savings on GoCoupons, another way to get savings in Canada.