Jan 15, 2021

Kobo eBooks and Audio Books - Promo Codes [2021]

Are you passionate about reading? Buying paper books is quite expensive these days. E-books are a great alternative if reading is your hobby. Here we will give you promo codes from Kobo, a popular e-reader store, valid in 2021. We will also talk about ways that you can use with Kobo to save on ebooks and audio books.

Kobo has a good collection of books in English and French. Kobo is the only true competitor to Amazon in terms of books and audio material. Kobo's prices and subscriptions are very competitive with Amazon. Plus, you get a better experience with Kobo's readers and ebook and audio platform.

Let's look at Kobo's offering and see where Kobo fares well.

Kobo Readers

Kobo offers 8 e-readers to every budget and taste. From time to time the e-readers are on sale. We own a couple of Kobo readers from a couple of years back. They do a good job and work flawlessly. 

Shipping is free in Canada. Plus, starting the new e-reader and getting your first book in is a breeze.

Kobo eBooks

We find Kobo's collection rich enough for our interests. If you prefer buying one-off books and read at your own pace - check the daily book deals. Some books are priced as low as $2.99.

Kobo Plus Read

The new Kobo Plus Read, which is only available in a couple of countries, including Canada, is a real golden mine for avid readers.

The new subscription costs $ 9.99 per month. It covers the whole Kobo eBook library in English and the other languages. If you read a lot, this subscription is for you.

How to start your Kobo Plus Read?

1) You start your 30 day free trial when you sign up. After the first 30 days, you will start paying $10 per month. You can cancel any time without any penalty or fee.

2) Add as many titles from the Kobo Plus Read catalog as you want. New titles are added every month.

3) Access your library with the free Kobo app for iOS or Android, or on your Kobo eReader.

This is a pretty cool deal if you are into reading.

Audiobook Library

From last year Kobo also offers audiobooks. If you don't like reading, the audio will be perfect for you. 

Here you get a free month too. Kobo will not charge your credit card for the first 30 days. Once the free trial period is over, you will be paying the regular monthly fee.

How to start your Kobo audiobook subscription?

1) Start your 30-day trial to get your first audiobook for free.

2) Grow your library with a new audiobook every month.

3) Listen on the go anywhere with the free Kobo App.

Interestingly enough, you get these perks with Kobo audiobooks, which makes their game so different from the other audio libraries:

  • Kobo has the lowest subscription price, and your first audiobook is free.
  • You won’t be charged until after 30 days. Cancel anytime.
  • Get one credit each month. Use it on your choice of audiobook, regardless of price.
  • Get access to exclusive content including Kobo Originals.
  • Your audiobook collection is yours forever, even if you cancel.

$ 5 rebate

Kobo offers a way to earn $ 5 credit and give a $ 5 gift for your friends and family. The 'Share the Love for Reading' program give you and your closest ones such perks.