You can print the most recent SmartSource coupons directly on our site. Here are 4 easy-to-follow steps to do so:

1 - Pick the province where you're living.

2 - The coupons are 100% printable. So switch your printer on now.

3 - Choose the coupons you'd like to print. Check all the available coupons in your province by clicking View More. Once done, scroll up and click on this button:

4 - Once clicked on the Printer icon, a PDF with your coupons will be generated and downloaded to your computer.

5 - Open the PDF file and print your coupons. Start saving by using your SmartSource coupons (known as UtiliSource in Quebec) immediately.

The site Smartsource is a Canadian coupon aggregator, which is 100% digital. New coupons are added to the site every day. Check out this page frequently and print all new coupons in the comfort of your home.

Smartsource coupons are legit as Smartsource works with local and international companies in Canada to digitize and distribute digital coupons valid in the country.