Mar 4, 2015

5 Best-selling Products on Amazon Canada

From time to time I buy electronic products and books on I find that the services of Amazon have improved these days compared to, say, 2011-2012. This is great!

I also prefer browsing online when it comes to electronics simply because I can easily compare products and read comments from people. Well, I will be honest - I go to 2-3 sites to compare prices before even considering buying the product. Amazon does not always comes as my winner. Still, is a great market place where you can find real pearls!

Here are 5 best-selling products on Amazon Canada. If these products appeal to you or if you plan on buying something similar, I am inviting you to check them out:

 Google Chromecast HDMI Streaming Media Player (compatible au Canada):

Chromecast is a small multimedia key to be attached to your TV (HDMI port). Once there, you will be able to project your photos, movies, videos, music from your smartphone or tablet to your TV. A great little toy! Price: $39

Kindle Paperwhite, 6" High Resolution Display with Next-Gen Built-in Light, Wi-Fi

No, we don't buy books anymore other than for the kids. All our books are transitioning to our e-readers and tablets. This Kindle comes at a price lower than any good tablet. So, it's a good option if you are into reading and not too much entertaining. Price: $139

Kindle, 6" Glare-Free Touchscreen Display, Wi-Fi

This is the basic Kindle. I believe it's the least expensive e-reader in the market. If you don't need fancy features, this is your choice. Price: $79

Samsung Electronics 64GB EVO Micro SDXC with Adapter Upto 48MB/s Class 10 Memory Card (MB-MP64DA/AM)

Want to expand your smartphone's or tablet's in-built memory? Here is the least expensive option - buy this micro SD card and start moving all your big files there! Price: $40
Samsung Electronics 32GB EVO Micro SDHC with Adapter Upto 48MB/s Class 10 Memory Card (MB-MP32DA/AM) Price: $21