Dec 20, 2014

Special K Coupons

Special K is now offering 5 new mail-in coupons. The coupons allow to save up to $21. Order the coupons today and save even more! See the details below.

Order the coupon on the Special K coupon portal. The available coupons are:

  • $1.00 off any Special K Cracker Chips (113 g) or Popcorn Chips (127 g) or Crisps (125 g)  
  • $2.00 off any Special K Cereal or Morning Shakes  
  • Buy 1 Special K Cereal and get 1 Special K Snack Free
  • Buy 1 Special K Morning Shake pack and get any 1 Special K Product Free  
  • Buy 1 Special K  Cereal and get any 1 Special K Cereal Free  
Nice coupons, nice savings!