Dec 31, 2014

Advil Coupons

During the cold season you would need to have effective medications for pain and fever relief just in case. I would recommend to get Advil even though Advil may be more expensive than, say, Tylenol.

Yes, being a more expensive medication compared to competitive brands, Advil is often mentioned as a more efficient way to fight headaches, pains and fever (well, based on my family and friends' opinions!). Again, the comparison is made to Tylenol.

When choosing your medication, I would recommend considering the inconveniences of each product. Well, you would also like to be able to save! See the details below.

Here are some details about Advil and Tylenol:

- Can create some problems with the digestion system in people suffering from gastrointestinal diseases.
- Need to be taken while eating (preferably).
- If taken regularly or in high dosage, Advil can cause headaches or recurrent migraines.

- Does not have anti-inflammatory properties (vs. Advil)
- If taken regularly or in high dosage, can cause irreversible liver problems
- If taken regularly or in high dosage, Tylenol can cause headaches or recurrent migraines.

Again, not everything depends on the cost of the medication. Here is a good article on the topic: What's the difference between Tylenol and Advil?

Now a word about savings. Advil does offer printable coupons that you can download from this page.

The following Advil coupons are available for downloading:

- $3 off on any Children's Advil product
- $3 off on select Advil Cold products
- $3 off on select Advil Nighttime products
- $3 off on select adult Advil products

The coupons are available until January 31, 2015.