Saturday, February 14, 2015

ArmorAll Disinfecting Wipes Coupon

Did you know that we spend around 1.5h per day in our cars? What am I driving at? Well, it's simple - we are connected to our cars. Our cars become our second dwellings. Unfortunately, we have to share these dwellings with invisible occupants - microbes and bacteria. ArmorAll provides more details about this co-habitat and offers a $2 coupon for disinfectant wipes. Read more!

Yes, our cars are full of bacteria and microbes. ArmorAll found that our car's surfaces may have more microbes than the toilet seats. That's a discovery!

Microbes are present all over our vehicles:

The steering wheel can harbour up to 108 bacteria per a sq. centimetre. I believe this is normal as we keep our hands on it. But how to combat this invasion? Here are some good pieces of advice:

1) Don't leave food packaging in your car!
2) Clean up food or drink spills immediately!
3) Clean your car on a weekly basis.
4) Take all garbage out regularly.
5) Use a disinfectant to clean up all surfaces.

ArmorAll recommends using its disinfecting wipes, which are friendly to all in-car surfaces.

The definite benefits of the wipes are:

- they kill 99.9% of bacteria
- they are designed for hard nonporous surfaces in the vehicle
- they clean and disinfect in one easy step
- they dry fast and do not  leave a dull or sticky residue

Now you can get a $2 coupon applicable on your next purchase of ArmorAll's wipes. The coupon is accessible on Driving with Germs. Just scroll down and download the coupon. It's 100% printable.

Here is a short video spot from ArmorAll about germs living in your car:

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